Jose Mourinho racked up an eye-watering hotel bill during his time as Man United manager

Jose Mourinho reportedly spent €600,000 on hotel accommodation during his spell as Man United manager.

Mourinho took over at Old Trafford in the summer of 2016 after lobbying for the position behind the scenes, but presided over a frustrating two-and-a-half seasons before being sacked this morning.

Mourinho never looked happy in the role, with some pointing to the fact that he lived at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester rather than in permanent accommodation as an indication that his heart wasn’t truly in the job.

Rooms at the hotel go for £600 per night, with The Guardian calculating that Mourinho likely racked up a bill of around £537,000 (€600,000) across his 895-day stay.

A steep bill for most people but with Mourinho reportedly receiving over £20m from Man United after having his contract terminated, he will have plenty of funds to settle his hotel account.

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