Jose Mourinho slammed after criticism of Chelsea boss Frank Lampard – ‘That’s ridiculous’

Former Chelsea and Manchester United manager Mourinho was working as a pundit for Sky Sports at Old Trafford.

New Blues boss Lampard went with a youthful-looking starting XI, which his former manager questioned after the defeat.

Mourinho claimed more senior players like Olivier Giroud and Marcos Alonso should have started.

But he also said N’Golo Kante, who came on for the final 20 minutes after returning from a hamstring injury, should have started the match if he could play at all.

He has no information or access to any information suggesting that Kante could have played 60 minutes

Alejandro Moreno on Jose Mourinho

“If Kante can play 30 or 35 minutes, he can start the game,” Mourinho said.

“And then if he lasts only one hour, he lasts only one hour.

“My feeling is that today they had a possibility to play with more know-how.

“Alonso was on the bench, Kante was on the bench, Giroud was on the bench, and to come to Old Trafford, even if this is not the huge Manchester United that used to scare people, it’s Manchester United.”

But ESPN FC pundit Alejandro Moreno disagrees entirely with Jose Mourinho’s sentiments.

Moreno says Mourinho has no idea whether the likes of Kante were ready to play more minutes than he did.

“If we are saying that Manchester United, and Jose Mourinho is saying, that it’s not the huge Manchester United of old, well what’s wrong with attacking Manchester United?” Moreno said.

“In the end, you yourself, if you’re Chelsea, you made the mistakes and you exposed yourself and you exposed your own frailties at the back.

“Those are things that he’s going to have to deal with.

“But to say that he was naive because he didn’t play players because they were injured, that’s ridiculous.

“He has no information or access to any information suggesting that Kante could have played 60 minutes.

“How does he know that? How does he know that?”

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