Jurgen Klopp 'excited' about Premier League's safe standing scheme

Jurgen Klopp welcomes proposals to reintroduce safe standing in grounds in England, saying it is ‘good we talk about it again’ and admitting he is ‘excited’ about how it could make Anfield’s atmosphere even better

  • Standing in grounds in England’s top two tiers has been banned since 1989 
  • Premier League and Championship clubs can apply for safe standing schemes  
  • ‘The people are now responsible enough to do it in the right way,’ Klopp said
  • If approved by SGSA, standing areas can be introduced from January 2022
  • Klopp believes safe standing will improve Anfield’s atmosphere even more 

Jurgen Klopp has welcomed proposals to reintroduce standing areas in football grounds across England, suggesting the atmosphere could vastly benefit.

Standing in England’s top two divisions was outlawed following recommendations made in the Taylor Report, which investigated the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, in which 97 Liverpool fans lost their lives.

As a result of the report, from 1994 law has required grounds in the top two divisions in England and Wales to be all seaters.

The picture, however, could change as early as next year following news the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) has invited Premier League and Championship clubs to apply to pilot safe standing areas from January 2022. 

Standing in football grounds in the top two tiers in England has been banned since 1989

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp believes safe standing could make Anfield’s atmosphere even better 

‘I’m pretty sure the people are now responsible enough to do it in the right way,’ Klopp said on Friday.

‘The stadiums are completely different to the time when really sad, sad things happened.

‘The construction is different, all these kind of things. I like the idea and I’m especially excited about how much better could the atmosphere be at Anfield if we have safe standing.

‘I would be really surprised if it could be even better but I’m open for that so let’s see.’

Liverpool are one of six Premier League clubs to have already installed rail seating

The club are working on increasing Anfield’s capacity to over 61,000 by the 2023-24 season 

Liverpool are one of the six Premier League clubs along with Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Wolves and Tottenham to have installed rail seating at their ground.

A common feature across the Bundesliga, rail seats allow fans to stand safely or sit if they so choose. The infrastructure is one of the models of safe standings approved by the SGSA and one campaigners have long fought to see introduced.

Grounds in the top two divisions in England and Wales have been all seaters since 1994

Terracing across English grounds was gradually phased out in the wake of the Taylor Report

‘The reason why the Premier League changed it were good reasons and things had to be reconsidered. Now, after quite a long time, I think it’s a good moment to start thinking about how can we get back to where we were,’ the German added.

‘I’m pretty sure – I don’t know it actually – but I’m pretty sure that on the Kop that people stand most of the time anyway.

‘It’s just good that we talk about it again, that we might reintroduce it again and really test it again.’ 

News of the safe standing pilot scheme came in the same week Liverpool announced will formally start work to expand Anfield’s capacity to over 61,000. 

The expansion will see approximately 7,000 seats added to the Anfield Road stand and the club expects it to be completed in time for the start of the 2023-24 campaign.

The Kop (pictured above) was redeveloped in 1994 and its capacity was reduced to 12,390 

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