Jurgen Klopp hails 'immense' member of Liverpool's backroom staff

Jurgen Klopp has been thoroughly impressed with the work of Liverpool’s head of nutrition, Mona Nemmer, describing her as ‘immense’ and her handling of lockdown as ‘perfect’.

Nemmer has been at the club since 2016 when she joined from Bayern Munich and Klopp admits that he knew little of that side of the sport at the time.

He took a very short amount of time to be won over, though, and says his compatriot is vital for the Reds’ success.

Asked about Nemmer’s effect on the team, he said: ‘It’s immense. It’s easy to say Mona is the best head of nutrition I ever had because she is the only one I ever had.

‘Before I came to Liverpool I never, to be 100 per cent honest, really thought about it. The reason for it: everything is different in Germany, we are not that far with the training ground, having restaurants there and stuff like this. So we never could be really influential.

‘When I arrived here and saw how it was, I saw the first day: “Oh, that’s good.” Saw the second day: “I’m not sure.” And from then on I started thinking, “What do we have to change?”

‘When I found Mona, obviously I was from the first moment really, really happy because the one thing is the knowledge about something, the other very important part of it is the passion you have for it. And Mona is obviously full of passion for that, full of knowledge as well. So it’s a perfect mix.’

During the lockdowns brought on by the pandemic, Klopp says Nemmer’s contribution was absolutely critical to getting the Liverpool squad through the disruption, saying her preparation was ‘perfect’.

‘I’m not sure if we would have got properly through it without her, to be honest,’ said Klopp. ‘I wouldn’t have thought I could respect more what she is doing, but during the pandemic I learned a completely different level.

‘We were obviously all surprised about the length of lockdowns and stuff like this but I really think from the first second we got the information we had to go home, we had to isolate and all that stuff, she wasn’t worrying at all about herself, she just thought about how we could make it as perfect as possible for the boys. And what she did there was absolutely outstanding.

‘How she organised the delivery service, I’m pretty sure we could sell the system to the world and [people] would say, “OK, that’s how it should work.’ It was absolutely perfect. When the weather was better, all of a sudden you had a barbecue package in front of your house. All the things you needed and even if you didn’t even know yourself you needed it, you got it.”

‘It was absolutely perfect.’

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