Jurgen Klopp identifies critical week that will define Liverpool’s season

“We reached the final a few times, didn’t win the final that often, that’s true, but we were there three times in the last few years and that’s why I believe if you want to win the competition, you have to be outstanding.

“It is the competition and we want to be part of it every year. That’s a massive task for us, we all know that.

“When we come back from the international break we have a proper football week ahead of us, I would say, with three games: City, Chelsea and Arsenal, which will then probably define what we get out of it.

“People might say we lost it in Bournemouth, but I think this week is a pretty decisive one, so we have to hope now the boys come back healthy, early enough, in the right shape and then we will try it.”

The up-and-down nature of their season means it has been difficult to sustain any momentum on which to build any sort of platform to maintain pace with their rivals.

However, their recent run has lifted Liverpool into sixth, six points behind Spurs in fourth but with a match in hand, and two behind Newcastle, who have played two games fewer.

With a dozen fixtures left and nothing else to play for, Klopp knows his team cannot afford to have any more slip-ups like the one last weekend.

“Our job is to squeeze absolutely everything out of this season what is possible,” he added.

“It’s a strange one. Our recent two games, obviously a sensational (7-0) performance against Manchester United, which is a real good football team, and then a really bad performance against Bournemouth, which is a good football team as well, but we should not lose this kind of game.


“It put us then under more pressure. If we could have three (more) points then I think everybody really could feel, or smell our breath, if you want.

“There is again distance because other teams won their games. (But) it is clear, we want to be top four.”

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