Keepers sickening tackle branded assassination attempt leaving player scarred

If you know of anyone holding a worst football challenges of all time tournament, then tell them to stop the vote – because we think we've found it.

A recent tackle in the African Champions League was so horrific that it's been branded an "assassination attempt", and in fairness, it makes Roy Keane's tackles look like a pillow fight.

ES Tunis of Tunisia had edged ahead in their qualification match against Libyan Premier League champions Al-Ittihad and were on the attack once more.

A looping pass over the top was latched onto by forward Hamdou Elhouni, who beat opposing goalkeeper Muad Allafi to the ball.

But instead of going through on goal and netting a second, Elhouni was stopped by a flying kick to his neck from Allafi.

The Tunis attacker was sent into orbit by the boot before landing on his back, where he remained for some time before being taken to hospital.

And in a surprise to absolutely no one, 'keeper Allafi was given his marching orders by the referee, despite his pleas that he was going for the ball.

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After receiving treatment for the severe scars left on his neck, Elhouni was visited in hospital by Allafi who apologised to him for the incident.

The shot stopper also posted on Instagram: "I swear to God that I didn’t intend to injure my friend Hamdou Elhouni.

"The shot happened in seconds, my intention was to remove the ball, I offer my apologies to my friend Hamdou and all the fans."

Tunis made their own online statement which had a slightly different take on what happened.

A post on their Twitter account read: “The video of the attempted assassination of Hamdou Elhouni went around the world.

"Too bad, it gives a bad image in African football. Hamdou Elhouni is miraculously well. Thank God Hamdou Elhouni’s injury is not serious.”

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