Kelly Cates gets final parting shot after Souness and Neville’s TV row

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Kelly Cates kept things civil between Gary Neville and Graeme Souness after the pair raged at each other in the wake of Liverpool’s crushing 7-0 demolition of Manchester United. Tempers threatened to boil over at several points in a heated post-match discussion as Neville claimed Liverpool were not as good as the scoreline suggested, leaving the Sky Sports presenter to use her witty humour to cool things down.

Cates, the daughter of Liverpool hero Kenny Dalglish, was the main presenter for Sky’s coverage at Anfield for Sunday’s fixture and was forced to play the role of mediator to keep the studio pundits in check, with Souness and Neville joined by Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane to analyse the action after the game.

Souness and Neville had been bickering for several minutes about whether the result was deserved, with the Scot suggesting United had been scraping wins prior to their humiliation on Merseyside and Neville insisting that conceding six goals in one half suggested it was a “freakish result”.

The debate proved to be great entertainment for viewers at home as Souness and Neville took several verbal swings at one another, with the latter looking particularly irate after being wound up by his Liverpool-supporting colleagues.

And when Cates was tasked with bringing the programme to a close with her outro, she could not resist using Neville’s words against him with her tongue firmly in cheek.

“Liverpool, sharp off the tee at Anfield this afternoon, they’ve beaten Manchester United by seven goals to nil,” Cates began, before twisting the knife into Neville.

She continued: “It’s a record for this fixture, Mo Salah is now Liverpool’s record Premier League goalscorer… and they didn’t even play that well!” The comment sparked laughter from Souness and Carragher with a sly dig at Neville, who had claimed Liverpool had not played as well as the scoreline suggested.

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He earlier said: “I don’t think Jurgen Klopp when he analyses that game tomorrow will say ‘we’re back’ – I don’t think he will be getting carried away off the back of that. We’re not talking about getting carried away, we’re talking about playing well.”

The United icon took the jibe in good jest, however, as he tried to chime in at the end: “Thanks for watching Liverpool TV…” before the end credits rolled and adverts cut him off mid-sentence.

It is not the first time Cates has been forced to put Neville in his place in a humorous fashion after shushing the 45-year-old in the aftermath of United’s 3-2 defeat to Arsenal. The Sky commentator had continually interrupted Cates as she rolled off information about the Super Bowl last month and Neville cracked jokes at her expense.

It was only when she pointed out that he did not interject when her colleague David Jones was presenting that Neville behaved himself, although once again it was all good-natured fun between the pair.

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