Kieran Trippier’s WhatsApp messages with pal in full which led to 10-week ban

Kieran Trippier’s WhatsApp messages with a friend that have led to the Atletico Madrid and England star receiving a 10-match ban have emerged.

The 30-year-old was fined £70,000 and cannot play the end of February after breaching the FA’s betting rules.

He was upheld by an independent regulatory commission on four alleged offences concerning his move to Atletico in July 2019.

It saw Trippier’s close friend Oliver Hawley take up advice from the footballer, making 10 separate bets on his next move a week before the transfer.

As part oft the written reasons for the FA sanctions, the messages between Trippier and his pals have now been released.

The following conversation took place between Kieran Trippier (KT) and Oliver Hawley (OH) on July 15:

OH: “How’s it going mate any developments today?”

KT: “Yeah all good mate.”

OH: “It’s all agreed just waiting for them to come to an agreement with the fee.”

KT: “Should be done tomorrow or defo Monday.”

OH: “That’s class mate. Is Levy going to be hard work or not do you reckon?”

KT: “They need to sell. So it should go through straight away.”

OH: “They need to sell. So it should go through straight away. At least this should get you out of going to China.”

KT: “Yeah be quality mate, more money what I’m on now. Don’t want to be going there [China].”

OH: “More money than on your now is class cos this is a real big pay day opportunity. And mate Spain is better to live in than Italy.”

KT: “Yeah be class mate.”

Not long after the WhatsApp conversation, Hawley put two more bets on with a price at 5/6.

Tripper also had another chat with pal Matthew Brady [MB], where the full-back told his pal to “lump on” a transfer to Spain.

MB: Shall I lump on you going there? [Laughing emoji].

KT: [Laughing emoji}, can do mate.”

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  • MB: “100% Tripps?”

    KT: Yeah mate. Don’t blame me if something goes wrong [Laughing emoji]. It shouldn’t be, but just letting you know.

    MB: Of course not, don’t be daft mate. I’m only messing.

    KT: “Lump on if you want mate.”

    MB: “I’m nervous now.”

    Trippier’s ban and fine have now led to “complications” over a potential transfer to Manchester United.

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