Leicester 'the ONLY Premier League club to vote against PPV games'

Leicester ‘were the ONLY Premier League club to vote against charging supporters an extra £14.95 to watch Premier League games’… as fans fume at the ‘greed’ of top-flight sides

  • Leicester were the only club to vote against the plot for pay-per-view games 
  • The Foxes were out voted 19-1 in a meeting to enforce the controversial plans
  • From October 17, fans will have to pay £14.95 per game for the extra matches 

Leicester were the only club to vote against the English top-flight’s plot to charge £14.95 for extra matches not picked for Sky Sports and BT Sport coverage.

Despite spending £1.24billion in the transfer market, the Premier League clubs have agreed to put a total of 15 matches behind an extra paywall.

However, Leicester voted against the prospect of making fans pay even more money on top of existing subscriptions to watch their team in action.

Leicester FC were the only club to vote against the proposal for pay-per-view games

In a meeting to discuss the controversial plans, Premier League clubs agreed by a 19-to-1 vote to enforce the pay-per-view coverage, according to Telegraph. 

Leicester were named as the only club to dispute the ‘interim’ agreement that will see top-tier sides gain an additional income by pocketing any profit after covering broadcasters’ costs of around £100,000 per game.  

In a statement confirming the decision, the Premier League said: ‘Clubs today agreed this interim solution to enable all fans to continue to watch their teams live.

‘The Premier League has worked closely with Sky Sports and BT Sport to provide this arrangement and is grateful for their support.

‘This agreement will be regularly reviewed in consultation with clubs and in line with any decisions made by Government regarding the return of spectators to stadiums.

‘Football is not the same without supporters at matches. The Premier League and our clubs remain committed to the safe return of fans as soon as possible.’  

Fans were quick to take to social media to praise Leicester for their decision to vote against the proposal.

One Tweeted: ‘Fair play to Leicester, must say I’m really upset & disgusted that Albion didn’t vote against it, if you think I’m paying 45 quid to watch us against Burnley, Brighton & Fulham on a telly you’re on hippy crack.’

Another added: ‘Leicester City what a beautiful club, everyone’s second club since Vardy and co dominated England, only club in the Premier League to vote against the PPV plan, sickening from every other club, have some shame.’

While another shared their shock at the proposal itself.  They said: ‘I’m shocked our club would vote for joke that is the £14.95 for Box Office. I understand the fans not being able to attend is putting pressure on clubs and I fully understand a return is needed soon, Leicester have been the only club who voted against. Fair play.’

Manchester United chief Ed Woodward is also said to be against the decision to charge for additional games, stating that season-ticket holders should be granted free access to the service. 

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has joined angry fans in criticising the Premier League decision to charge fans £14.95 per match for additional televised games from next weekend

Neville posted the tweet despite many of the games being set for Sky’s Box Office channel

While Gary Neville has led the criticism, calling the scheme a ‘very bad move’ and pointing out that, since the restart, many such games since have been available for free.

With fans prevented from attending games due to the coronavirus pandemic, league and television bosses had previously given access to coverage for free.

However, that is due to change. From October 17, fans will have to pay £14.95 per game for the extra matches.

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