Lewandowski shows of stunning finishing ability from impossible angle

Anything you can do I can do better! Robert Lewandowski shows stunning accuracy from an impossible angle as he volleys three balls into the net from near the corner flag… after Erling Haaland’s jaw-dropping penalty trick

  • Footage has emerged of Robert Lewandowski’s exceptional finishing ability
  • He is seen volleying three strikes into the back of the net from near the corner
  • It follows Erling Haaland’s jaw-dropping penalty trick video in October
  • Bayern Munich travel to play Borussia Dortmund on Saturday evening 

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski has showed off his incredible skills and finishing ability with a stunning hat trick in training.

In the jaw-dropping clip, the Polish striker who finished second in this year’s Ballon d’Or, is seen volleying three balls into the back of the net from behind the goal line near the corner flag.

His three-ball challenge is just as impressive as the one Bundesliga goalscoring rival Erling Haaland pulled off from the penalty spot back in October. 

Robert Lewandowski showed off his incredible technique with a difficult finishing challenge

Lewandowski’s skill was arguably more difficult as he did a couple of kick-ups with each ball before volleying them in from an angle over 180 degrees.  

His first two efforts bounced in front of the goal-line and curled in before he saved his best effort for last which didn’t touch the ground before it found the net.

For most, to pull off a trick like that three times in a row would spark a huge celebration.

Lewandowski volleyed three balls after kick-ups which all curled towards the goal

Two of his efforts bounced just in front of the goal line and went into the net while his third effort curled straight in without hitting the ground

It wouldn’t be surprising though if Lewandowski has done that many times in the past, as he calmly raised a thumb to the camera before walking away.

Lewandowski’s video comes a month, after Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland impressed everyone with some stunning skills of his own. 

Haaland stacked three balls on top of each other on the penalty spot before showing tremendous accuracy to hit the same target in the top left hand corner with three successive penalties. 

For the first shot, Haaland curled a sublime effort through the air and against the target, causing it to rock back and forth.

The frontman then took his second strike, which again found the top corner. This time, though, the target shattered and half of it fell down.

It follows Erling Haaland’s trick of stacking three balls on top of each other and striking them in the same corner

To finish the trick, Haaland cracked the third ball away unerringly.  

After rounding off the trio of strikes, even Haaland himself was dumbfounded by his ability, placing his hands on his head and turning towards the camera, grinning.

There has been some negative reactions to Lewandowski losing out on the Ballon d’Or to Lionel Messi, who claimed the prize for a seventh time.

Lewandowski enjoyed a stunning campaign last season, scoring 48 goals in 40 appearances across all competitions.

Lewandowski missed out on the Ballon d’Or finishing second place behind Lionel Messi

He has continued that sensational form this season, scoring 25 goals in 20 games so far. 

Haaland scored at the weekend on his return from injury and has now netted 14 times in 11 games.

It sets up an exciting clash this weekend when Bundesliga table toppers Bayern Munich travel to Borussia Dortmund on Saturday evening. 

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