Liverpool Champions League streaker went to jail in a swimsuit

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A streaker who crashed Liverpool’s victory over Tottenham in the Champions League final back in 2019 was sent to jail in her swimsuit after being apprehended by stadium officials and police. Kinsey Wolanski left fans stunned at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid as she ran across the pitch in only a one-piece swimsuit before she was quickly escorted off the field of play by security and handed over to Spanish police officers.

The black swimsuit she wore was emblazoned with a message on the front to promote her then-boyfriend’s porn website and gained her thousands of new Instagram fans overnight, with her follower count rising to more than two million in the aftermath of the shocking incident. It resulted in her spending a night in the Spanish cells for around five hours with 10 other suspected criminals before she was released the following morning.

Wolanski’s father was a sheriff with the Los Angeles Police Department at the time to make matters worse, although she later insisted in an interview with The Sun that she did not regret her actions. She also claimed that she felt uncomfortable during her brief stay in jail as she was still wearing her swimsuit and was not made to feel welcome by her cellmates, none of whom could speak English.

“None of them spoke English and I was only wearing my swimsuit and a hospital gown one of the security men had made me wear when I was taken off the pitch, so I was a little bit uncomfortable, but it was all part of the experience,” said Wolanski.

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“I confided in the Liverpool fans around me what I was about to do and at first they all said: ‘Are you joking?’. But when they realised I was serious they thought it was a brilliant idea. One of them even took my phone and said he would record it for me, which he did and even met me after I got out of jail to return my phone to me.

“There was so much cheering in the Liverpool end nobody even noticed when I barged my way through the fans and jumped onto the pitch. It was so exciting I can’t even really remember what happened, it was all just a blur and such a rush.”

Wolanski reportedly made around £3.5million as a result of the stunt and went on to insist that she would be looking to streak again in order to help bring about an early retirement, adding: “By the time I’m 30 I plan on making enough money to retire, and streaking at the Champions League will only help me achieve that.

“I plan to do a lot more streaking to raise my profile. After I was released from jail I had gone from 300,000 followers on Instagram to over two million. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. Suddenly I was famous all over the world and had job offers flooding in.

“I don’t think I did anyone any harm, it was just a bit of fun. The fans loved it, the players seemed to love it and even the police at the station were asking for my photograph by the time I got out. The response has been unbelievable, I couldn’t be happier. It was the biggest thrill of my life.”

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