Liverpool owners FSG call for ‘spending limit’ so Prem ‘isn’t next Ligue 1’

Liverpool's owner John Henry is calling for the Premier League to introduce a spending limit to prevent the division from becoming uncompetitive.

The Reds have had plenty of success over the past few years, but four of the last five Premier League titles have been won by the same club, Manchester City, and there are fears the competition could end up being dominated by a single wealthy team, as is the case in both Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga, if financial regulation isn't introduced.

"There are ever-increasing financial challenges in the Premier League," Henry told the Liverpool Echo.

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"The league itself is extraordinarily successful and is the greatest football competition in the world, but we’ve thought for some time there should be limits on spending so that the league doesn’t go the way of European leagues where one or two clubs annually have little competition.

"Excitement depends on competition and is the most important component of the Premier League."

Henry's comments come less than two years after he spearheaded Liverpool's shameless defection to the short-lived European Super League – but hypocrisy aside, he may have a point.

Should the Premier League introduce a spending cap? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Bayern Munich have won 10 Bundesliga titles in a row and are favourites to land an 11th, PSG are on course to win their ninth Ligue 1 title in 11 years, and Atletico Madrid are the only team to have broken the Barcelona/Real Madrid duopoly – doing so just twice in 20 years.

If the Premier League wants to remain competitive and unpredictable, perhaps it ought to consider Henry's suggestion.


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