Man City fans walk to the Champions League final venue amid traffic

More Champions League final chaos in Istanbul as Man City and Inter Milan fans are forced to walk up to FIVE MILES to the Ataturk Stadium because of traffic and a warehouse fire breaks out nearby

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  • Supporters have been seen walking on the motorway amid gridlocked roads
  • Fans complained journeys to the Champions League final have taken two hours 

By mid-afternoon the bars and restaurants in the centre of Istanbul grew noticeably quieter as City fans began making their way to the Olympic Stadium.

Keen to avoid a repetition of last year’s fiasco UEFA encouraged fans to take shuttle buses that started to leave at 1pm local time – nine hours before kick off – with the last one scheduled to leave at 6pm.

Many supporters reported the journey taking almost two hours with many buses stuck in horrendous traffic while those who opted to take the metro – even with three changes – fared better as they had air conditioning and it took only 90 minutes.

While Turkish media showed pictures of fans walking along a motorway next to stationary traffic in a desperate bit to reach the ground.

Once at the ground City followers were able to head to a fan zone set up next door where food and entertainment was laid on – although many grumbled at the price of a beer almost six times the cost in Istanbul bars.

Man City fans have been spotted walking to the Champions League final venue in Istanbul 

Shuttle buses travelling to the stadium have reportedly ‘barely moved’ amid gridlocked traffic

Journeys have reportedly taken fans around two and a half hours to get to the stadium by car

There were also reports with beer running out and one fan told MailOnline:’I got here early as advised and now I’m being hit in the pocket by UEFA for a drink and it’s run out.

‘I think they should think carefully about venues for these big finals. This place is two hours from the city centre. If I’m lucky I will be back at the hotel by 3am.’

Hundreds of Man City fans have reportedly abandoned cars and instead opted to walk down the edge of the motorway amid gridlock on the way leading to the stadium.

Shuttle buses taking fans from the fan park in the centre of Istanbul to the final venue have reportedly been ‘barely moving’, raising doubts as to whether fans will be able to make kick off.

Smoke has also been seen filling the air around the Ataturk Stadium, amid reports of a fire at a nearby warehouse.

The New York Times’ Rory Smith reported that firefighters had been attempting to contain the blaze two hours ago.

Mail Sport understands fans have also faced difficulty entering the stadium after arriving, with supporters claiming to have been stuck outside the venue.

Fans have reported that journeys have also taken two hours via the metro, while others abandoned taxis.

A lack of available toilets has also been raised as an issue by fans.

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