Man Utd Harry Maguire accused of two separate attacks on Mykonos police officers

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Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has been accused by Greek police of being involved in two separate attacks on police officers.

The £85m centre-back has been on the Greek island of Mykonos in recent days as he enjoys some downtime before the Premier League's September 12 restart.

Police say Maguire and two other men were held in a cell overnight following two different incidents in the early hours of Friday morning.

The 27-year-old England international allegedly "turned against police, insulting and hitting a police officer with fists", before being driven to a police station where the group resisted arrest and began "pushing and beating three police officers".

Police have also now revealed that one of the three men involved is also accused of attempted bribery – however it is not clear if Maguire is that individual.

Greek authorities say they have prepared a file, which includes accusations of "disobedience, bodily harm, insult and attempted bribery of an employee".

A police spokesperson said: "Three foreigners, aged 27, 28, and 29, were arrested today (August 21, 2020) in Mykonos by police officers of the Mykonos Police Department.

"In particular, in the early hours of this morning, patrolling police officers in the area of Mykonos intervened and normalized a dispute between citizens, however, three foreigners involved in the incident turned against them, insulting and hitting a police officer with fists.

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"The three foreigners were taken to the Mykonos Police Station, where upon their arrival they strongly resisted, pushing and beating three police officers.

"One of the detainees then tried to offer money so that the trial against them would not be completed.

"The arrested are taken to the Syros Prosecutor's Office."

Manchester United are aware of the incident and released a statement on Friday.

"The club is aware of an alleged incident involving Harry Maguire in Mykonos last night," it read.

"Contact has been made with Harry and he is fully co-operating with the Greek authorities.

"At this time we will be making no further comment."

Prosecutors will now determine if that matter needs to go to trial.

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