Man Utd’s worst nightmare Ronaldo should know better – they should get rid

It had to be the biggest strop since Suella Braverman 12 hours earlier.

But at least the departing Home Secretary went out fighting, albeit having accepted her own limitations at the highest level of power and influence. It's doubtful Cristiano Ronaldo even knows who Braverman is, let alone appreciate comparisons to the humiliated politician.

The good news is, he doesn't have to. That’s because Ronaldo didn't kick up a fuss as he departed the scene. There was more chance of Liz Truss surviving as Prime Minister until Halloween than of Ronaldo admitting he's no longer needed by those who employ him. And look what happened to Truss.

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Those who live in fantasy land thought Manchester United's decision to re-sign Ronaldo 14 months ago was akin to the second coming. Ignoring the fact his age was almost as big as his ego, there were some who believed Ronaldo was the answer to all United's problems.

There could have been an eclipse, but the likes of Piers Morgan would have still thought the sun shone out of his backside. But now new light is being shed on the great man (Ronaldo, not Morgan).

And as the clock ticks down on Ronaldo's second spell at the 'Theatre of Dreams', one of the most iconic footballers of all time has become the problem – not the solution. He's United’s worst nightmare. The plan had been for Ronaldo to add to his legacy.

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Instead, someone who painted such a glorious painting in a previous life at United is now acting like a child whose taken a permanent magic marker to a Picasso .

Earlier this week United demolished Tottenham with the sort of performance that suggests the team has a bright future under Erik ten Hag. At the final whistle United's stars celebrated on the pitch. It felt like a significant moment. But Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen.

Minutes earlier he had sloped off down the touchline to the dressing room. Perhaps his reputation needed some urgent treatment? Perhaps he wanted to be there waiting to praise his team mates on a job well done without him? Perhaps he wanted to ring former teammate Karim Benzema to congratulate him on winning the Ballon d’Or?

Or perhaps he wanted to make the night all about him – even though he’d been reduced to just another bloke sat in the stand? I'm going with the latter.

Ronaldo struggles to cope with accepting a team can succeed without him. Talk about third world problems. United are paying around £500,000-a-week for the privilege of being made to look like patsies to someone who thinks his glorious achievements allow him to be selfish, disrespectful and arrogant whenever he chooses. He should know better at the age of 37.

And a club with the standing of United should be much stronger when it comes to allowing Ronaldo to behave like a child whose had his prize conker stamped on in the playground. The January transfer window can't come soon enough for Ten Hag.

If the Dutchman had anything about him, he would move heaven and earth to find his problem child a new club – and drive him there himself if necessary. Ronaldo has been a magical footballer. One of the true greats. But he's now living in the past tense – and the sooner he realises this the better it will be for all concerned.


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