Manchester City unveil their bizarre third strip for this season

‘The worst kit in our history’: Manchester City fans savage their ‘absolutely dreadful’ new third strip for this season – with bizarre design dropping the badge from the front and featuring the club’s name instead

  • Manchester City’s third kit for this year has taken on a ground-breaking design 
  • The strip drops a prominent badge and instead uses the club’s name in writing 
  • Splashed on the dark blue colour, the badge is dotted around the divisive shirt 
  • Puma have said the release was made to reimagine ‘the traditional football kit’

Manchester City have officially unveiled their ground-breaking new third kit for this season, but the design has all but removed their club badge from the front.

Puma, who have also put together City’s two other strips, opted to take a leap into the unknown for their latest creation and have marketed it as being ‘progressive’.

The jersey marks a departure from the traditional uniform sported by clubs around the world, with City’s badge not featured prominently and their name used instead.

Manchester City have officially unveiled their new ground-breaking third strip for this season

Taking on a navy blue sheen, the general look of the design appears simple enough, but closer inspection reveals their badge dotted about the shirt.

And in its place, the words ‘Man City’ are emblazoned across the front in sky blue, with the Puma logo and Etihad Airways sponsor above and below respectively. 

The crest in its usual form has been moved to the back of the neck, and the shirt is accompanied by navy blue shorts and similarly coloured socks.

The design has dropped City’s badge from its usual position and instead uses their club name

Puma have opted for a similar layout for many of the clubs they make kits for this term, with AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund among those boasting the same design. 

Ederson, City’s first-choice goalkeeper, and his team-mates between the sticks will pull on a shirt of an identical template, but instead it will be mint green. 

Revealing the concept for the first time, Puma explained that they aimed to ‘challenge convention, innovate, and bring fresh products to football’.

In a statement, they said the kit ‘creates a new expression of the club’s identity on the front of the jersey by reimagining the traditional football kit in a brand-new approach merging football and streetwear culture.’

The strip is a dark blue colour and instead has their badge spotted around it in bizarre fashion

They have also revealed all on the benefits of the kit, with its unique design helping to keep athletes ‘dry and comfortable’ as well as enhance ‘breathability’. 

Regardless of the sporting advantages, the design has split City’s fanbase, although midfielder, and captain, Fernandinho has been left impressed.

‘I wanted something different, and we definitely got that. I really like the design because the badge may change over time, but the name will live on forever’, he said.

Carl Tuffley, senior head of design manager Teamsport, said their objective was to go against the ‘traditional football jersey design’.

City’s home kit for this year takes on a usual light blue colour and paid tribute to Sergio Aguero

A white design with purple and blue trim has been adopted for the popular away kit for City

He added: ‘It is easy to play safe, but we want to change perceptions of a conventional football jersey. The Third kit presented an opportunity to be bold, so we wanted to re-energise these jerseys and take a new direction.’

But supporters are not happy, and took to social media in their droves to air their bemusement and disgust with Puma’s newest offering.

A number of them have even described the design as ‘the worst’ in the club’s history.

‘This is the worst kit in our history, surely,’ one fan has said. 

City supporters took to social media in their droves to air their disgust with their new jersey

Another adopted a similar tone, writing: ‘This is the worst kit I have ever had the displeasure of looking at. Genuinely staggering that Puma had a meeting about this and everyone was in favour of this design.’

A third, meanwhile, posted: ‘I don’t want to come across like I’ve overreacting here or anything, but that is categorically the worst kit I’ve ever seen.’ 

‘I can’t wait for this to be in the clearance bin for 4.99 at the end of the season so I can still not buy it,’ said a fourth. ‘Appalling.’

Another accused City of pushing ‘the boundaries too much’, and added: ‘This should have been a training kit, nothing more or less.’ 

A sixth said: ‘Absolutely dreadful. Massive misjudgement by City and Puma. The badge means everything! Worst kit ever.’ 

The strip was launched alongside nine other kits for clubs around Europe in a special digital event named ‘The Show’, which was streamed live this evening. 

Puma’s home shirt for City paid tribute to Sergio Aguero’s goal against QPR which clinched the club the Premier League title in 2012.

The away kit, which is a white design with purple and blue trim, was well received by supporters, meanwhile.

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