MARK CLATTENBURG: PGMOL admit they were wrong to allow Silva's goal

MARK CLATTENBURG: The PGMOL hid behind the idea that Tyrone Mings ‘deliberately’ played the ball – now they are admitting they were wrong in allowing Bernardo Silva’s goal to stand in the first place against Aston Villa

  • Manchester City scored a controversial goal during their 2-0 win over Aston Villa
  • Bernardo Silva opened the scoring for City but Rodri was offside in the build-up
  • Guidance has been added to the offside rule after Silva’s goal last week now
  • PGMOL claimed Manchester City’s goal stood due to little-known offside law
  • However, they’ve changed their stance now on those type of decisions in future 

I said at the time that letting Manchester City’s goal stand was the wrong call. PGMOL tried to justify it by explaining the law and their interpretation of it.

They hid behind the idea that Tyrone Mings ‘deliberately’ played the ball.

But by now saying this would be offside from now on, they are admitting they were in the wrong. It’s only right that situations such as this would result in an offside. 

Aston Villa were angered after Rodri teed up Manchester City’s first goal despite being offside

Manchester City’s Rodri was clearly in an offside position before he stole the ball off Mings

Rodri set up Bernardo Silva’s 79th-minute strike in City’s 2-0 win over Aston Villa at the Etihad

Rodri (left) was not deemed offside as he had ‘not gained an advantage’ said the PGMOL

That is what everyone associated with football would expect to happen.

Mings chested the ball but was challenged immediately by Rodri, which prevented him from gaining control of it. He was then robbed of possession and City gained an advantage.

At least now we know this would be offside in the future.

Mings branded the rule as ‘nonsense’ and the PGMOL hid behind his ‘actions’ to justify the goal

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