Micah Richards condemns racist abuse from Valencia fans to Vinicius Jr

‘It makes my blood boil’: Furious Micah Richards condemns racist abuse from Valencia fans to Vinicius Jr and labels Javier Tebas as ’embarrassing’ – after LaLiga president told Real Madrid star to ‘inform yourself’ on discrimination

  • Vinicius Jr was subjected to racist abuse as Real Madrid lost 1-0 at Valencia

Micah Richards is the latest name to show support for Vinicius Jr in light of the Real Madrid forward suffering racist abuse once more – with the former Manchester City and England defender slamming LaLiga president Javier Tebas for his handling of the situation too.

Brazil forward Vinicius was the subject of an alleged racist attack during Real’s 1-0 LaLiga defeat at Valencia on Sunday.

Valencia say police have identified a fan who made racist gestures at Vincius and that individual faces a lifetime stadium ban from the Mestalla after Real filed a race crime complaint.

The game was paused after the break as Vinicius pointed out to the referee those who were allegedly abusing him in the stands – and he later took to social media to say LaLiga belongs to ‘racists’ and ‘in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists’.

The 22-year-old provoked a reaction from Tebas who took to Twitter to declare that Vinicius did not turn up for a meeting to discuss what it ‘can do in cases of racism’. He also then told the Brazilian ‘before you criticise and slander La Liga, you need to inform yourself properly.’

Micah Richards (left) has given his support to Vinicius Jr in wake of racist abuse towards him

The Real Madrid star was again subjected to racist abuse during their defeat at Valencia

Richards has also blasted LaLiga president Javier Tebas for his handling of the situation since

Tebas words have infuriated Mail Sport columnist Richards who has has accused the 60-year-old of trying to play the victim in all of this.

‘Javier [Tebas] has tried to make himself the victim in all this, it’s absolutely embarrassing what he has come out with in his statement,’ he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club.

‘It makes my blood boil and that is part of the problem. It’s not just a football issue, it’s a life that people go through every single day.’

On Monday, Spanish Football Federation chief Luis Rubiales conceded that the sport in the country had a racism problem.

Real Madrid lodged a race crime complaint following insults hurled at their Brazilian forward Vinicius Jr.

LaLiga is under pressure to do more to combat racism after the Brazilian president, FIFA and fellow sporting stars such as France forward Kylian Mbappe, Rio Ferdinand and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton voiced support for Vinicius.

In a social media post, Vinicius Jr called racist abuse ‘inhuman’ and asked sponsors and broadcasters to hold LaLiga accountable.

‘What is missing to criminalise these people? And punish the clubs sportively? Why don’t the sponsors charge LaLiga? Don’t the televisions bother to broadcast this barbarity every weekend?’ he said.

Vinicius took to social media after the game to declare ‘I will go to the end against racists’ 

But LaLiga president Tebas hit back at him and urged him to ‘inform himself properly’

The Madrid winger then blasted Tebas in a stinging response, insisting the time for words was over as he demanded that action be taken

WARNING: Offensive language in the videos below

The statement came a day after the match against Valencia at the Mestalla stadium was stopped for 10 minutes after the 22-year-old Brazilian striker pointed out fans who he said were hurling racist comments at him.

‘The problem is very serious, and press releases don’t work anymore. Neither does blaming me to justify criminal acts,’ he added.

Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro’s iconic landmark, had its lights switched off on Monday night in a show of solidarity for the Real Madrid forward.

Sunday’s incident was the 10th episode of alleged racism involving Vinicius Jr this season.

On Tuesday, four people were arrested in connection with the hanging of an effigy of the Real Madrid forward back in January, Spanish police announced.

A hate crime investigation was launched by police after an inflatable doll, donning a Vinicius Jr shirt, appeared under one of the bridges in the Spanish capital.

The effigy was hung alongside a banner that reads: ‘Madrid hates Real Madrid’.

The incident occurred prior to Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey clash against Atletico Madrid.

Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales has admitted the country faces a ‘serious problem’ with racism

A Vinicius Jr effigy was hung from a bridge in January by Atletico Madrid supporters

Spanish police confirmed the arrest of four men from an ultras group, with three having previously been ‘identified during matches classified as high risk.’

‘The investigation began on January 26 after the appearance of an inflatable mannequin hanging from a bridge wearing a Real Madrid player Vinicius shirt,’ a police statement read.

‘In addition, a 16-metre banner was displayed in the same place that read “Madrid hates Real”.

‘The investigations carried out by the investigators through traces, witnesses or consultations in open sources, among others, allowed the identification of four men as alleged perpetrators of the events. 

‘In addition, the agents were able to verify that three of the alleged perpetrators belonged to a group of ultras fans of a Madrid club and that, previously, they had been identified during matches classified as high risk within the violence prevention devices in sport.

‘Once the four alleged perpetrators were identified, a device was carried out this morning that allowed their arrest in a coordinated operation with the Investigating Court number 38 of Madrid and the Cyberhate Section of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.’

The incident had been condemned by both Atletico and Real Madrid in January, along with LaLiga.

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