MICKEY THOMAS: Man United players must move on to next game

MICKEY THOMAS: It was unreal. I’m still trying to work out how Man United conceded so many goals… but the players have to move on and show a good reaction against Real Betis

  • Top four is priority and Man United are still seven points ahead of Liverpool 
  • The best teams move on quickly from setbacks and focus on the next game
  • OLIVER HOLT AT ANFIELD: Fear and RAGE drove Liverpool to 7-0 demolition

Losing 7-0 is difficult to take for any Manchester United fan, and the players out there, but you have to move on. That’s what successful teams do.

You have to look at the bigger picture, and there is a still a lot to play for. The top-four was the priority at the start of the season, no question about it, and United are still seven points ahead of Liverpool.

You’ve got to be strong mentally. With results like that, it’s how you respond and show a good reaction. From a United perspective, they have to focus on what’s next – and that’s Real Betis in the Europa League on Thursday.

It’s very difficult to knock that team in terms of what they’ve done so far this season because the manager has done an incredible job to get them where they are in a short period of time.

Of course, Liverpool fans will be talking about this result for quite a long time.

Manchester United can’t dwell on the thrashing by Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday

The atmosphere changed at Anfield after Darwin Nunez scored the second goal

At half-time it looked like United might go and win the game, they had some good opportunities. The second half was one of those things. Unreal. I’m still trying to work out how they conceded so many goals.

United have been on a good run and obviously to get derailed like that is disappointing. You look at a couple of goals and defensively it was poor.

Liverpool scored the second early in the second half and the atmosphere changed, it was electric.

Anfield is very tough to go to on the best of days, without a doubt. I played there for different teams, Man United and Chelsea, and you very rarely get anything.

They have been different this season, no question about that, but the last few games they have started to show what Liverpool are about.

They’ve got good players and if you give them opportunities they can punish you, and that’s what happened in the second half. Everything went in their favour.

But the negatives aren’t worth considering for United. It’s all about looking for the next game and focussing on that.

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