Moyes spotted singing lewd Dani Dyer song – but fans think he’s forgotten words

David Moyes was spotted singing along to an x-rated chant about Jarrod Bowen after West Ham won the Europa Conference League – but some fans are convinced he forgot the words.

Bowen netted the winner on Wednesday evening as the Hammers claimed a 2-1 win over Fiorentina. Afterwards, the players danced and sang to the song about Bowen and Dani Dyer.

Star jumped up and down, chanting: "Bowen’s on fire and he’s shagging Dani Dyer." Moyes was among them, but he stopped singing for the second line.

"Moyes, always knows where the camera is, just getting enough doubt that he wasn’t singing the bad words," one fan joked. A second added: "He stops at that Dani Dyer bit stop making stuff up."

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"Never did I ever think I’d see David Moyes singing about Jarrod Bowen shagging Dani Dyer but here we are," a third said. And another added: "Moyes didn’t want to sing the shagging Dani Dyer part out loud in public!"

Moyes could hardly contain his own excitement when Bowen went through one-on-one in the 90th minute to secure West Ham's first major European triumph since 1965.

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Speaking after the game, Moyes said: "The minute Jarrod went through, I was edging down the touchline. If there was anybody I thought was going to score, it would be Jarrod.

"The minute he got through, I thought this is the moment, this is the one, Jarrod will do it.

"I was probably halfway down the line but I couldn’t do a full Mourinho because I can’t slide on my knees and the grass was a bit dry so I was worried that I was going to go on my belly so I just ran down.

"I was thinking about was he’s not going to give offside, is he? Is there any chance of offside? But then the next bit was the ball, Jarrod said it seemed to take an age to go into the net!"

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