Mudryk draws criticism after posting video that mocked an elderly man

Chelsea’s £88m winger Mykhailo Mudryk draws criticism on social media after posting a video that appeared to mock an elderly man as he worked out at the gym

  • The £88million signing received backlash from a prominent voice on Twitter
  • Mudryk posted a video that appeared to mock an elderly man working out
  • Joey Swoll put the Ukrainian on blast during a passionate video message

Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk has received backlash on social media after posting a video that appeared to mock an elderly man working out in the gym.

The Ukrainian forward shared a video onto his Instagram account that showcased the man in question working out on a rowing machine in the same gym as Mudryk.

The £88million January signing was stood behind the man, who had accidentally revealed more of himself than intended, as his shorts fell slightly below his waistline. 

Mudryk captured the incident on camera, adding a question mark as the video’s caption, before sharing it to his Instagram page with 1.4million followers. 

While he may have expected some people to share his opinion, in actuality, there was a lot of uproar about the video – including a scathing video made by a prominent content creator.

Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk has received backlash for a brutal video posted on his socials

The Ukrainian forward appeared to mock an elderly man working, after the man’s shorts left him slightly exposed from behind – before receiving backlash from Joey Swoll (right)

Twitter user Joey Swoll – who has made a career from calling out bad etiquette in the gym – voiced his opinion in a video posted onto his account page on Wednesday. 

Swoll said: So you see that man at the gym, working hard, trying to better himself with a trainer. He’s in an embarrassing situation where, yes, he’s a little exposed. 

‘And you decide, ‘Hey, let me take a video of it and post it onto social media to make fun of him, all for attention’. Really? Pardon my language but what the f*** is wrong with you?

‘And you’re a professional soccer player. You play for Chelsea in the Premier League! Is this how you want to represent yourself and your team?’.

Things have not been plain sailing for Mudryk since making his move to Stamford Bridge in the January window. The 22-year-old has failed to find the back of the net in any of his 14 top-flight appearances. 

‘Let me tell you a story from about a month ago,’ Swoll continued. ‘I saw a woman in the same situation. She was on the lat pull down and was a little exposed. So I walked up to her, very discreetly, and I told her. 

‘She pulled her pants up and she thanked me. I’m not saying you have to do that but you should at least mind your own business. 

‘What you don’t do is take a video to post online and millions to see and make fun of this man. The fact that you don’t know better or want to set a better example… you need to do better’.

The video has since been viewed 8.5million times and garnered over 40,000 likes from users on the social media platform. 

The Ukrainian international has struggled both on and off the pitch since joining Chelsea

Astonishingly, this is not the first bit of trouble that Mudryk has caused with a video being posted onto his social media accounts since joining Chelsea. 

In January, Mudryk was filmed repeating the n-word in a TikTok video before choosing to issue a grovelling apology in the wake of online backlash. 

The 40-second clip showed Mudryk in front of an Audi sports car with a friend while they repeat a line from the hit song, which features the n word 16 times. 

Football anti-racism group Kick It Out condemned the use of the word in the clip.    

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