Neville spills Keane's coffee during Shaw goal celebrations

Gary Neville spills Roy Keane’s coffee during celebrations for Luke Shaw’s goal in Euro 2020 final and jokes that he got the ‘wrath’ off his co-pundit for the ‘next 20 minutes after’

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  • England made a brilliant start against Italy scoring within two minutes 
  • ITV pundit Gary Neville celebrated wildly and spilled Roy Keane’s coffee 
  • The Irishman moved his and Neville’s coffee out of the way to a safer position
  • Neville said he felt the ‘wrath’ of Keane for the following 20 minutes

Gary Neville said he got the ‘wrath’ off his fellow ITV pundit Roy Keane after accidently spilling the Irishman’s coffee when celebrating Luke Shaw’s goal against Italy.

Shaw put England ahead in the Euro 2020 final within two minutes after getting on the end of a Kieran Trippier cross.

At half-time, ITV showed the footage of their pundits for the evening celebrating the goal.

Roy Keane had to move Gary Neville’s coffee after his co-pundits celebrations

Neville said that he felt the wrath of Keane for spilling his coffee during England’s goal celebrations

Neville got a bit too enthusiastic as he rocked the table which had his and Keane’s coffee sitting on it. 

Keane’s coffee spilt over his notes and the former Manchester United captain then moved Neville’s cup out of the way to stop any further spillage.

After seeing the footage back, Keane said: ‘Gary destroyed my notes.’

Luke Shaw put England ahead within the opening two minutes of the Euro 2020 final

Neville responded: ‘I spent the next 20 minutes to be fair getting the wrath off him for knocking his coffee over.’

Keane then joked that he was a ‘team-player’ for moving Neville’s coffee out of the way.

It was a fantastic start for England, with Shaw’s goal standing as the fastest in a European Championship final of all time, although the Three Lions were left hearbroken at Wembley after Leonardo Bonucci levelled the game at close range in the second half, before Gareth Southgate’s men lost 3-2 to the Azzurri on penalties.

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