Now Wrexham stars will appear in next Deadpool movie

Now Wrexham stars will appear in next Deadpool movie: Ryan Reynolds wants his football aces in scenes in next action flick alongside Hugh Jackman, goalkeeper Ben Foster says

  • Filming for Deadpool 3 starts later this month with the movie due out next year

Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds is lining up players from his Wrexham football team for parts of his latest Deadpool movie.

The actor is tipped to give cameo roles to top scorer Paul Mullin and goalie hero Ben Foster when Deadpool 3 starts filming later this month.

Reynolds, 46, is well-known for featuring his different projects together, and even wore a Wrexham baseball cap in a trailer to promote his latest Deadpool movie.

The latest in the Deadpool series – also starring Wolverine Hugh Jackman – is even being filmed in Britain which will make it easier for the Wrexham players to take part.

Filming starts in Pinewood studios later this month with the movie due out next year.

Hollywood actor and Wrexham football club co-owner Ryan Reynolds

Wrexham goalkeeper Ben Foster is tipped to have a cameo role in the next Deadpool movie

Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds is lining up players from his Wrexham football team for parts of his latest Deadpool movie

When asked if any players could feature in the movie, Wrexham executive director Humphrey Ker said: ‘I would be quite surprised if not.

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‘Ryan is very good at you know, layering through all his part elements of his life and his career and everything, they all interconnect in all sorts of different ways.

‘I’m sure they’ll be, who knows, Paul Mullin to play one of the X-men?’

Foster said: ‘Just been in for a chat with the chairman, the one and only Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds…He’s even said that he’ll put me in the new one with him and Big Hugh Jacko, friggin’ Wolverine,’

Deadpool 3 is set to kick-off filming on May 22 at Pinewood Studios in London where Marvel Studios shoot most of their titles.

The teaser revealed to fans how superstar Hugh Jackman will reprieve his Wolverine character in the latest movie.

Movie director Shawn Levy has complained that Reynolds has become too obsessed with Wrexham to have time to film Deadpool 3.

Levy, who will direct Deadpool 3, said: ‘His obsession with Wrexham and by the way the obsession of all of Wales with Ryan Reynolds is becoming problematic.

‘I’m trying to get us ready to shoot Deadpool and he’s so distracted by this football team.

‘So no I can’t get you tickets, and I need to downgrade his obsession, because he won’t get any work done.’

Reynolds and comedy pal Rob McElhenney documented their journey into buying the North Wales club with documentary series Welcome to Wrexham – and saw the team promoted to the English Football League for the first time in 15 years.

To celebrate their promotion to League Two next year, the stars laid on a luxury trip to Las Vegas for the team.

Wrexham club captain Ben Tozer has lifted the lid on Wrexham’s ‘insane’ promotion party in Las Vegas, claiming that co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had them treated ‘like royalty’ in Sin City.

The non-league side won promotion to League Two with a 111-point championship campaign in the National League and they were rewarded with a five-day blowout in the Nevada desert. 

Winger Ryan Barnett, 23 (middle) posed for a pool pick with ex-Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster and two other team-mates including Tozer and Jordan Davies

Players were ‘treated like royalty’ as they were given a VIP treatment wherever they went

Co-owner Rob McElhenney (second right, in the Wrexham cap) and his wife Kaitlin Olson joined in with the festivities at TAO Beach Dayclub on Sunday as part of the five-day retreat

Tozer, still recovering from the trip of a lifetime, lifted the lid on how it played out, from lavish pool parties and dinner next to the Bellagio fountain with McElhenney to dancing in the DJ booth at Steve Aoki’s gig. 

‘We got there Thursday dinner time, they took us to Hakkasan for dinner which was amazing and then we went to Hakkasan Nightclub and they treated us to the best tables and it was just insane really. Almost everything was insane,’ Tozer told talkSPORT.



Flight to San Francisco

Connecting flight to Las Vegas

Dinner at Hakkasan restaurant

Clubbing and on-stage appearance at Hakkasan nightclub 


Wet Republic pool party

Omnia nightclub to see Steve Aoki 


Marquee Pool Party

Dinner at Spago, at the Bellagio, with Rob McElhenney and his wife Kaitlin

Partying at XS nightclub while watching The Chainsmokers 


TAO Pool Party

TAO Nightclub


Flight home 

‘The next day they took us to Wet Republic Pool Party which was again the best tables and the best layout for us and everything was free, then in the evening was Omnia Nightclub and four of us got to go up on stage with Steve Aoki.’

There was however a ‘hitch’ as players had to take two flights to get there, including a short layover in San Francisco. 

‘The flight wasn’t direct, which was the only hitch, apart from that we can’t complain,’ he added. 

More celebrations would follow on days three and four, including the Marquee Pool Party and a VIP trip to XS Nightclub where The Chainsmokers were playing.

Even with a large music artist on, players were greeted by staff members holding large pieces of lettered gold card to spell out ‘Wrexham’. 

The trip had been in the work for some time, with players told to ‘leave their cards at home’ if it came off. 

‘It became a thing where if we won the league, we’d get a holiday. So we’re off to Vegas,’ star striker Paul Mullin, who bagged 47 goals this season, told GQ.

‘Ryan and Rob told us to leave our cards at home, they’re sorting the lot. They sent us a full itinerary just now. 

‘Part of me doesn’t want to go, I might be dead by the end of it! But I’d never go to Vegas by my own accord, so I’m buzzing for it.’ 

Players certainly made the most of it and were given a heroes’ welcome at each night club, with club goers urged to give a cheer for Wrexham as the Wales flag was waved and messages of congratulations were made on big screens. 

While Reynolds was only able to check in via FaceTime – striker Ollie Palmer appeared to FaceTime him from his hotel room one morning – McElhenney and some associates were able to join the trip.

Players spent one afternoon spent partying poolside at the Wet Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand. 

The National League champions chatted and danced with fellow party-goers as they soaked up the sun and looked forward to their future in League Two. 

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