Oli McBurnie gets a threatening letter from Cardiff fan

‘Nice bit of fan mail this morning!’: Oli McBurnie shows off vile, abusive letter from Cardiff fan who warns ‘you could get your face kicked in’ after Sheffield United star was pictured goading Bluebirds with Swansea supporters

  • Oli McBurnie watched his former club Swansea draw 0-0 against rivals Cardiff
  • He was seen on camera with Swansea fans taunting the Cardiff supporters
  • Chris Wilder said it was refreshing to see McBurnie back in Wales with the fans
  • But the Sheffield United boss said he warned him over his future conduct  

Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie has received a letter in which he is threatened with having his ‘face kicked in’ after taunting Cardiff supporters during the Welsh derby with Swansea earlier this month.

The 23-year-old was caught on camera making an obscene gesture towards the Cardiff fans during the Championship encounter on January 13, which finished 0-0.  

McBurnie played for Swansea up until last summer, when he moved to Premier League high-fliers United in a £20m transfer.

Oli McBurnie received some abusive fan mail following his actions when Cardiff met Swansea

McBurnie (centre) taunted Cardiff fans when he was with Swansea fans for the Welsh derby

McBurnie was leading the Swansea chants from the away end at the Cardiff City Stadium

McBurnie put a picture of the letter on Instagram saying: ‘Nice bit of fan mail this morning’.

The crux of the letter itself said: ‘You are a piece of s*** you want to grow up don’t go to Cardiff City again you could get your face kicked in you turd. 

‘Cardiff have fans all over the country and you could be a wanted man you are an ignorant piece of s*** I hope you have a s*** season and get badly injured.’

McBurnie, who has scored four goals in 26 games for United this season, was defended by his manager Chris Wilder at the time but he did warn him about his future behaviour.

The FA wrote to United regarding the scenes involving McBurnie. 

‘We reminded him that he has a responsibility,’ Wilder said. ‘He’s a footballer and with social media and cameras everywhere you can’t get involved. 

‘He must represent himself, more than anything, a touch better and he understands that.

‘I think you’re always on camera now. The coverage the Premier League gets, it exposes everybody and it goes into everyone’s front room and we have a standard to set. I’m just so glad there weren’t cameras about when I was playing football!

‘But I can relate. There was a time when I was a player at other clubs, and when I was a manager at other clubs, that I would rush back to Sheffield to go and watch United, or away from home. 

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder said it was ‘refreshing’ that McBurnie went to Swansea

But Wilder said he did warn McBurnie over his future conduct away from the pitch

‘I’ve got no problem with him going to watch Swansea. He has an obvious connection with that club, in terms of when he was a young player and taking his family down there. He has a connection with the club and he himself has spoken about that.

‘I think it’s refreshing that he wants to go and watch games of football. We just had a word with him on the other bit.’

United and McBurnie are back in Premier League action on Saturday, away to Crystal Palace.



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