OnlyFans beauty Elle Brooke has Jake Paul fight "dream" and snubs Anthony Joshua

OnlyFans babe Elle Brooke says it would be an "absolute dream" to fight on a Jake Paul undercard at some point in her career.

The stunning 24-year-old, who insists "being a kn*b" is in her nature, is looking to become the next big thing in influencer boxing and is setting her sights on getting noticed by the man who, along with his brother Logan, helped kickstart the sport's new celebrity-obsessed era.

"Oh my god, being on a Jake Paul card is the absolute dream," Brooke told talkSPORT ahead of her debut fight against former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker later this month.

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"I don’t see it happening in the next fight or maybe the fight after, but if I could do really well on this fight, I would love to be kind of recognised by him," she added.

"If he reacted to it or gave a bit of a heads up and said 'you’ve done great' that would mean the absolute world to me. That would be the ideal dream."

Brooke claims she's making enough money from her steamy subscription content that she doesn't even need to be paid to fight Bunker and insists she'd rather "smash the influencer scene" than try and emulate someone like Anthony Joshua.

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"I’m not being like 'I want to be on an AJ card! I want to be a professional!' I want to smash the influencer scene and see what’s next," the Manchester City fan said.

Brooke is not only preparing for her first fight with the help of legendary trainer Mark Tibbs but she's also sparring with bantamweight beauty Ebanie Bridges – who left her with a black eye in a recent training session.

"Working alongside her I realised that anything is possible. She’s really rubbing off on me, her success and her drive. She’s a dream to work with," Brooke beamed.

"Mark Tibbs has taken great care of me, but he doesn’t treat me like I’m someone just starting boxing."


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