PAUL NEWMAN'S FAN'S VIEW: Accepting Kane bid is cowardly from Levy

PAUL NEWMAN’S FAN’S VIEW: Accepting a bid for Harry Kane on the eve of the season is an act of cowardice from Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy

  • It is cowardly for Daniel Levy to accept a bid for Harry Kane at this stage 
  • If Kane leaves for Bayern Munich all the summer’s good work will be undone 
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It is a dereliction of duty. It is totally disrespectful to every Spurs supporter and a new manager in Ange Postecoglou who has been a breath of fresh air this summer after the expensive frauds appointed to run our team since 2019. It’s typical Daniel Levy.

To accept a bid on the brink of the season for arguably the greatest player in Spurs’ rich history and currently the best striker in the world for a price that doesn’t even buy you a workmanlike midfielder like Declan Rice these days is an act of hooliganism.

And then to apparently leave it to Harry Kane to decide, therefore abdicating all responsibility and blame should he finally choose to go to Bayern.

Dissent against Levy and his ENIC stooges is at an all-time high among the majority of Spurs supporters, not just a noisy minority, and it will only take a poor start to this season to bring on open mutiny at the magnificent but seemingly jinxed stadium Levy built.

He could have silenced that in one fell swoop. He could have told Bayern it is way too late to come up with something like an acceptable bid (Kane is priceless as far as I’m concerned).

Accepting a bid for Harry Kane at this stage is a an act of cowardice from Daniel Levy

Dissent against Levy and ENIC is at an all-time high and Kane leaving would worsen matters


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If he had done that Levy would have had Spurs fans back on his side in an instant.

There is genuine optimism now we could really be on to something under Postecoglou.

At the very least we are going to play proper, attacking football again and that’s all that Spurs fans realistically want this season.

If Levy pushes Kane out of the door now — and it really does seem as though it is Spurs pushing more than Harry being determined to go to Germany so that he does not walk out on a free next summer — all that good summer work will be wasted before the season has begun.

All of the work that has been done since Ange Postecoglou arrived could now be wasted

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