Perisic thrived with Conte and now they are set for the Premier League

‘Ironman’ Ivan Perisic is football’s Benjamin Button… the 33-year-old thrived with Antonio Conte at Inter Milan and he can help Harry Kane and Co ignite, but Tottenham must beware his fiery character

  • Ivan Perisic has signed a two-year contract to join Tottenham on a free transfer
  • The 33-year-old Croatian is believed to be on a deal worth £170,000-a-week 
  • He established himself as one of the best in his position under Antonio Conte
  • Perisic now reunites with the Italian manager to revolutionise the Spurs side 

Ivan Perisic has been the best full-back at Inter and in Serie A in the last year and his former team may already regret the player’s decision to move to England. 

Perisic has chosen Tottenham and Antonio Conte to end his long career in the best possible way – with the opportunity to have an experience in the Premier League after winning titles in Germany and Italy. 

The former Wolfsburg star played for Inter from 2015 to 2022 but in six years at the San Siro (a season was spent on loan at Bayern Munich) he has experienced many negative moments due to his strong personality and his ‘South American’ character, despite being born and raised in Croatia. 

In Italy, Perisic showed his strong personality and a touchy character. He is at times quarrelsome especially with refereeing decisions, receiving a few yellow cards that affected his performances. 

Ivan Perisic has chosen Tottenham and Antonio Conte to end his long career in the best way

Perisic has proven to be the best full-back at Inter Milan and in Serie A over the last season

He thrived under Conte at the Serie A side after the Italian radically changed his way of playing

In London he will have to try to improve this delicate aspect of his personality and Conte will have to calm the competitive anger of his new left-back.

Perisic was the best performer in the 3-5-2 formation of a winning Inter Milan side and dominated every Serie A statistic, proving his excellent fitness despite being 33-years-old and radically changing his way of playing thanks to Conte’s intuition. 

He stood out for his unselfishness and sacrifice and Tottenham will be able to benefit from the tactical upgrade he has undergone in recent years, which has radically changed his way of playing. 

Robin Gosens will try to take over his legacy at Inter but the task will not be easy considering the great tactical, technical and charismatic qualities of the new Spurs midfielder.

Robin Gosens will be tasked with continuing the Croatian star’s legacy at Inter Milan 

Now that he has reached full tactical, physical and mental maturity, Perisic has become a much sought after player by all the top international clubs. 

Antonio Conte beat competition from Juventus just in time and is choosing to build his with Perisic a key figure.

In a 3-4-2-1, Perisic will be the ideal man to transform Conte’s tactical scheme into a 3-3-4 when the team has to attack. 

The 33-year-old will be the ideal man to carry out Antonio Conte’s plan at Tottenham

That formation will see Perisic form a trio with Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski behind Harry Kane – igniting a group of players capable of scoring and breaking the deadlock.

The Croatia star has great physical strength that allows him to grind out the distances and constantly cover the entire field by running back-and-forth to both attack and defend.

He will be a rook on Conte’s chessboard who will have the task of attacking the opposition defence on the counter-attack.

Perisic will link up with Harry Kane (left) and Son Heung-min (centre) to ignite the Spurs attack


According to Sky Sports, Ivan Perisic reached a maximum speed of 33.80 km/h (21mph), proving to be an exceptional sprinter, despite being well over 30. 

With his arrival, Tottenham have signed the fourth player from Serie A after Pierluigi Gollini, Cristian Romero, Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski, showing that they pay close attention to the Italian top flight. 

Perisic’s physical qualities have allowed him to score many acrobatic goals using his great elevation and his ability to shoot powerfully with both feet.

Perisic has proven to be an exceptional sprinter, reaching a maximum speed of 33.80 km/h


At 33, Perisic is living out a second youth and is more and more like Benjamin Button: he improves with age and seems to get younger every year. 

From a forward, he has transformed into a modern full-back, capable of being aggressive and concrete, he has improved his tactical diligence by completing his metamorphosis in the last three years. 

Perisic in the last two years has played 67 games and scored 12 goals, revolutionising the role of left-back in Serie A. 

According to Opta Data, in the second half of the Serie A season Perisic had devastating pace. Since March 2022 he has averaged almost an assist in each game, playing for 2, 839 minutes.

The Croatian has revolutionised the role of left-back in Serie A with 12 goals in 67 games


Antonio Conte is the decisive man who guided Perisic into leaving Serie A after a season as a star, and rejecting the timid offer from Juventus. 

The Italian coach has been the most important man in Perisic’s career. He is the manager who transformed the Croatian into a full-back, more suited to the harmonious style of Inter and a 3-5-2 formation, allowing the player to become a specialist in his role.

If Conte had decided to leave Tottenham, Perisic would hardly have accepted Fabio Paratici’s offers but the Italian coach was a magnet for the Croatian star’s ambition. 

Former Inter boss current Spurs manager Antonio Conte played a key role in Perisic’s career

Perisic has the physique of Ironman: he may be the new superhero of the Tottenham fans but he will have to be very careful to dose his energy and not get too aggressive.

During a tour to China in 2019, Conte had criticised the player – as quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Ivan cannot fill the role I asked him. He can only play with me as a forward.’

These were the words that pushed Perisic prove his value in Serie A after an extraordinary year in Bavaria. During his exile in Germany, where he played on loan, Perisic proved to be a top player with 8 goals in 35 appearances in the engine of Bayern Munich’s lethal machine.

His spell in Bavaria ended in victory in the Champions League, meaning he won the treble as a star of Hansi Flick’s team.  

Conte has been forced to change his opinions on Perisic over time, as the player has become an indispensable full-back in the last two years in a box-to-box winger.

Perisic forced Conte to change his opinion during his successful loan spell at Bayern Munich


Perisic chose to leave Inter also due to the misunderstandings he had with CEO Giuseppe Marotta and the club’s hierarchy.

Delays in a new contract offer deeply wounded the pride of Perisic, who has always felt fundamental in the team’s victories in the last two years. 

The disrespectful treatment was not appreciated by Perisic, who declared himself dissatisfied with the situation during his last interview at the club.

After Inter’s victory in the Italian Cup against Juventus he told SportMediaset: ‘For important players you don’t have to wait long’. 

Perisic would have gladly avoided being in such a situation but his pride was stronger than his desire to stay at Inter.

Perisic also chose to leave Inter due to disagreements with the club’s CEO Giuseppe Marotta

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