Pochettino calls for change after Liverpool VAR controversy

Mauricio Pochettino calls for power to be handed back to referees and the use of technology to be simplified after Liverpool VAR controversy at Tottenham

  • Mauricio Pochettino has given his opinion on Saturday’s controversy
  • Pochettino thinks power should be handed back to the referees 
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Mauricio Pochettino has called for more power to be handed back to referees and the use of technology in football simplified.

Chelsea head coach Pochettino added his voice to the debate about officiating following the VAR controversy in his former club Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Liverpool last week and believes taking a step back will bring some clarity to the decision-making process.

‘I trust in the VAR and how we manage the VAR. I trust in the car but the driver? That is the problem,’ he said.

‘For me it is about simplifying the situation. After many years seeing how things work the most important is to return and give the power more to the referee. To accept when it’s a foul because sometimes when it’s live the perception is different and to trust in the referees decision.

Mauricio Pochettino wants to see referees regain their power over important calls

VAR was once again in the limelight last weekend when Luis Diaz’s goal was wrongfully chalked off after a ‘significant human error’

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‘It is really tricky when you see the action through VAR.

‘With some situations maybe they seem bigger but sometimes people who play football know it’s not as you see in the image.

‘Offside and goal line [decisions] they are the only two to keep. Of course if there is a bad aggression, yes that can go to VAR but then it’s about penalties, some action to during the game, it is for the referee.

‘Trust in the referee because at the moment we are not happy with VAR, we are not happy with the people that manage the VAR but the worse is we are not happy with the referee and that is the problem.

‘We need to think a little bit in the future. Maybe one step back maybe make things easier and more clear.’


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