Premier League fans tear into Amazon Prime match coverage – ‘Complete joke’

Amazon Prime are hosting the Premier League this week as we head into the festive period, leaving fans to make alternative viewing arrangements from the usual BT Sport and Sky Sports set up they are used to.

Tuesday night kicked off their coverage as Newcastle continued to struggle with a 1-1 against Norwich, and Raphinha's late penalty denied Crystal Palace a point on the road, as Leeds grabbed a vital win.

With limited coverage over the Premier League season, Amazon Prime go all out on a star-studded line-up, but fans have to flock to the online streaming platform, rather than watching the more conventional way via a standard TV.

Although streaming is seemingly the way of the future, it does have its drawbacks, and some Premier League fans are furious.

In a social world, where it's almost impossible to avoid live updates of events, Premier League fans have been particularly frustrated with Amazon's coverage, as with streaming comes a natural delay.

Although it's usually only a couple of minutes, some fans have been outraged that the game isn't exactly 'live', and with many scrolling through social media simultaneously sometimes events of the game are spoiled before it is aired.

One fan passively commented on the stream delay and said: "Alright so Amazon Prime is back with Premier League games. Let’s play Delayed Roulette, how many minutes is everyone delayed!!! 1:30 for me!"

Will streaming be the future platform for all sport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Another blasted the connection issues: "Amazon Prime buffering every ten seconds does not fill me with confidence for being able to watch tomorrow's game. If only the Premier League gave one s*** for the fans they wouldn’t sell out to this useless shower."

Another said: "Wonder if I'll live long enough to see the Premier League not 3 minutes behind on Amazon Prime."

One fan took a different angle, and complained about the amount of services they are paying for to watch Premier League football: "I already pay for Sky and BT. F*** the Premier League if they think I’m also paying for Amazon Prime. Complete joke this. Fans getting battered by broadcasters every season."

Another hopped on the bandwagon, even admitting they'd opted of an illegitimate source as a better solution: "Amazon prime for the Premier League is s***, picture is terrible and keeps stuttering, buffering and stopping…. Ended up using an alternative source instead… Sorry Amazon but please bugger off and stop trying to get into the English football market when u ain't got capacity!"

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