Redknapp: Mourinho slags his team off, takes money and goes home

EXCLUSIVE: ‘He slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home… that’s why he’s the Special One’: Jamie Redknapp RIPS into Jose Mourinho on TV as feud with former Tottenham boss rumbles on

  • Jamie Redknapp has carried on his feud with ex-Spurs boss Jose Mourinho 
  • He said Mourinho ‘slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home’
  • The Portuguese coach regularly slammed his Spurs stars before he was sacked
  • Redknapp was told on ‘A League of Their Own’ that Mourinho knows he hates him

Jamie Redknapp has continued his feud with former Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho by claiming he simply ‘slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home’ as a manager. 

The iconic Portuguese coach was sacked by Spurs in April after a poor run of results that ultimately resulted in the north London club failing to qualify for either the Champions League and Europa League competitions this season.

Redknapp was a strong critic of Mourinho, who regularly aimed criticism at his own players for Tottenham’s poor results, with the Sportsmail columnist now firing another shot at the Portuguese coach during an episode of Sky’s ‘A League of Their Own’ show.

Jamie Redknapp claims Jose Mourinho just ‘slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home’ as a manager

Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham in April of this year for taking the club to mid-table 

When show host Romesh Ranganathan asked Laura Woods, who worked with Mourinho at talkSPORT during Euro 2020, why the ex-Spurs boss hates Redknapp show much, she responded: ‘The question he asked me was, “why does Jamie Redknapp hate me so much?”‘

The Sky Sports pundit and former Spurs midfielder said: ‘Wow! You know me, I’m a lover not a fighter.’

He then said sarcastically: ‘You know, he (Mourinho) is a good guy. He comes over, slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home. That is special. That’s why he’s the Special One.’

Redknapp regularly criticised Mourinho’s tactics for publicly slamming his own Spurs players

Mourinho enjoyed a toxic relationship with some of his Spurs players during his 17 months in charge, especially Dele Alli and Gareth Bale, who the Portuguese coach signed on loan from Real Madrid at the start of last season. 

He criticised Alli, who he exiled from first-team duty at Tottenham due to being a ‘lazy player’, after a Carabao Cup victory against Stoke, when the English midfielder had a role in the Potters’ equaliser. 

He said: ‘I was upset. A player that plays in that position has to be a player that links and creates, not one that creates problems for his team on the counter attack.’

Mourinho took aim at exiled Spurs players Gareth Bale (left) and Dele Alli (right) in public

He also fired shots against Bale earlier this year when the Welsh winger posted a picture of him training on social media, claiming he had a ‘good training session’.

A baffled Mourinho revealed in his press conference: ‘I have to admit that his post… created a need of being addressed because there was a contradiction between the post and the reality.’

After letting a lead slip away at Newcastle in one of his final matches in charge, Mourinho was asked why his side were so vulnerable late in games, when he has traditionally been a coach whose teams have seen out such slender advantages.

He replied: ‘Same coach, different players.’

Mourinho also slammed his own squad whenever they threw away leads and points

Redknapp, who vocally slammed these criticisms by the former Tottenham coach on Sky Sports punditry duty, claimed the Portuguese coach was ‘making a habit of upsetting people’ during his 17-month stint as Spurs coach.

Speaking about the Portuguese coach in February, two months before he was sacked, Redknapp told Sky: ‘He keeps making mistakes because he keeps changing back four. 

‘He has been treating Bale and Alli badly now wants them to bail him out. He is making a habit of upsetting people.’ 

When Mourinho was sacked by Spurs owner Daniel Levy just six days before Spurs were due to play Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final, Redknapp admitted he was not shocked to see the iconic manager let go.

Mourinho was sent packing by Spurs just six days before they played in the Carabao Cup final

He said: ‘I’m not surprised, I think Jose – having watched this season – you saw a manager who’s unhappy and when things go wrong he blames the players which is in his manner. They thought we can’t have them taking over for the next seven games.’

‘I could see it in his body language against Everton, sitting down, not interested. Once Jose Mourinho gets to that point it was only going one way.’

Mourinho was appointed as the new manager of Italian side AS Roma just a fortnight after being sacked by Spurs and is preparing for his first competitive league match as the Giallorossi boss this weekend.  

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