Reyna is US star with 'the most potential to do the most in the game'

Gio Reyna is picked out as the USMNT star with ‘the most potential to do the most in the game’ by CBS pundit Micah Richards, hailing ‘intelligent’ Borussia Dortmund youngster a ‘class act’

  • Micah Richards singled out Gio Reyna as the USA player who has big potential
  • He praised the young American’s composure and ability to make plays in the box
  • Borussia Dortmund were unable to defeat Manchester City losing 2-1 Wednesday

Former Manchester City defender and CBS pundit Micah Richards had some very high praise for American international Giovanni Reyna.

Richards made the comments during the pregame show before Borussia Dortmund’s 2-1 Champions League loss to Manchester City.

‘Out of all the American players Pulisic to a certain degree, Reyna has got the most potential to do the most in the game,’ Richards said.

Gio Reyna controls the ball during Champions League contest against Manchester City

Micah Richards singled out Reyna as the American player who has the most to do in the game

‘Gio Reyna is such a class act. We all know last season he struggled with injuries. But he’s started the season back where he belongs.’ 

Richards would go on to break down some highlights of Reyna’s last Champions League game against Copenhagen, before saying how the 19-year-old American’s play would factor into the game against City. He added more praise of the attacking midfielder.

‘Here you see him on the half-turns breaking the lines. And because Man City play with such a highline, he’s going to be key trying to get into these spaces to make something happen for Dortmund today,’ Richards added.

Gio Reyna plays a pass during Champions League group action against FC Copenhagen

‘He’ll pop up on the left hand side, although he likes that No. 10 role as well. But it’s his composure once he gets in there. Just that delicate little pass and a lot of young players would have fluffed their lines there. Pops up on the right hand side, and everything he does it, he just does it with class.’

As Richards mentioned, Reyna has also become a crucial player for Dortmund registering more than 80 appearances with the first team, but he struggled mightily with his health over the last year. 

After missing months with a serious hamstring injury his last season was met with multiple start-and-stops, before it was eventually ended early due to the troublesome hamstring.

Reyna and teammates dejectedly walk off the field following the loss to Manchester City

If Reyna can continue that form while staying healthy he could easily be one of the most dangerous players in both the Bundesliga and the USMNT.

Clint Dempsey also commented positively on Reyna’s health following Dortmund’s game against Copenhagen last week.

‘I talked to him this summer. I mean, the thing that he really focused on was his rehab, making sure that it gets his body stronger and gets his body right. Working on his activation, making sure that you’re not having these injuries that are reoccurring and you can see that it’s paying off,’ Dempsey said.

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