Richard Keys lays into Gary Neville to wade into BT Sport and Jake Humphrey feud

Former Sky Sports broadcaster Richard Keys has laid into Gary Neville following his comments on BT Sport's coverage of the Champions League final.

The ex-Manchester United captain, 47, took issue with the lack of a live reporter outside the Stade de France after harrowing reports emerged of Liverpool fans being subject to tear gas and pepper spray by French police when making their way into the stadium.

Replying to a post made by an Athletic journalist criticising the lack of coverage outside the ground, Neville commented: "Are you surprised? I’m not. They can’t react or aren’t agile to things like this happening."

Liverpool fans have since told horror stories of how they were left stranded outside the stadium with valid tickets whilst riot police attacked them, ahead of their 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid. The match was delayed for 36 minutes in an attempt to let as many supporters into the ground as possible – though none of the chaotic scenes were shown live by BT Sport.

But now ex-Sky Sports broadcaster Keys has jumped to the defence of BT Sport and host Jake Humphrey with a scathing assessment of Neville. "F*** me @GNev2. Is there nothing you’re not an expert on? I’ve worked with guys @btsport & they’re top pros as @mrjakehumphrey has said.

"I'm quite certain Saturday was a challenging night for everyone. Just like covering the OT riot you instigated & covered badly at Sky."

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In an earlier post, Humphrey explained why there was no coverage of the troubled scenes outside the Stade de France: "Possibly one of the hardest sports events I've ever covered. And I've done some tricky ones," he wrote to more than his 50,000 followers on LinkedIn.

"We had limited information about what was going on outside, my talkback (the umbilical cord to my production team) suddenly stopped working, the TV compound was impacted by the tear gas so our production team were barricaded in their trucks. And many of us had friends and family at the game and we had no idea if they were even safe.

"And amongst all that we were trying our best to get the tone right, under the scrutiny that seems exclusive to live football. Hopefully you wouldn't have known too much about all that, the BT Sport production team are up there with the very best I have ever worked with."

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