Rivaldo opens up about his ‘concern’ for ex-Brazil teammate Ronaldinho in prison

Rivaldo has spoken about his concern for his former Brazil teammate Ronaldinho after he was sent to prison for falsifying documents.

On March 6 the ex-Barcelona man and his brother were held in Paraguay on suspicion of entering the country with a false passport.

And they were subsequently put in prison where they remain and could do so for up to six months.

It has been a mighty fall from grace for the former Ballon d'Or winner since his retirement.

Rivaldo, who won the World Cup alongside Ronaldinho for Brazil in 2002, says he is cheering for his ex-teammate to come out stronger from his imprisonment.

He told Betfair: “I haven't communicated with Ronaldinho since his arrest in Paraguay but I've been watching and reading about it with some concern and sadness as this is not good for his reputation and is dark chapter in his beautiful story.

“He is an excellent person, joyful and loving with everyone and it's tough to understand what exactly happened in this passport situation.

“From my side, I'm just cheering for him and hoping that all ends up fine, but I expect it's very annoying to spend your birthday detained in a foreign country.

“I hope Ronaldinho can emerge stronger from all of this.”

Ronaldinho spent his 40th birthday behind bars, although he did get to celebrate with a huge BBQ.

Unsurprisingly, the Samba star continues to play football alongside fellow prisoners and officers – and has even dabbled in carpentry.

And his massive smile is still recognisable even after his recent trauma.

Ronaldinho and his brother have both been denied bail and will be hoping to be released sooner than the six months being mentioned.

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