Rob McElhenney makes grotesque blimp of Ryan Reynolds for his birthday

Rob McElhenney makes grotesque blimp of Wrexham co-chairman Ryan Reynolds for his birthday… and Deadpool star replies by ominously teasing a ‘formal response’ on his pal’s birthday next year!

  • Owner Rob McElhenney poked fun at his friend and co-owner Ryan Reynolds
  • The Deadpool star turned 46 on Sunday and McElhenney got him a blimp as gift
  • The image on the blimp is of Reynolds – during filming of ‘Deadpool’ – covered in wrinkles and hairless, leading to Reynolds teasing a birthday response
  • Under their co-ownership, Wrexham have seen a rise in popularity and success
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Wrexham AFC’s Rob McElhenney gave his fellow co-chairman Ryan Reynolds a birthday present he won’t forget any time soon. 

The ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ creator revealed that he created a blimp with a large grotesque image of Reynolds’ face on it.

‘To celebrate my fellow co-chairman’s birthday this year, I wanted to do something special,’ the Wrexham owner said in a video he posted to Twitter showing off his creation.

He revealed that the inflatable airship wasn’t his first idea, saying he wanted Wrexham to walk out for their next match through the mouth of an inflatable head of Reynolds, but he was told it ‘might be bad for player morale.’

So instead, he went with what he’s dubbed the ‘Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Blimp’. He unveiled the monstrosity, which proudly features an image of Reynolds – seemingly taken during filming of the superhero movie Deadpool – with his face hairless and covered in wrinkles.


Wrexham owner Rob McElhenney (L) got a shocking birthday gift for co-owner Ryan Reynolds

McElhenney revealed a red blimp with a large, gruesome image of Reynolds’ face on it 

The blimp is what McElhenney calls, ‘a hideous, and surprisingly inexpensive way for the world to finally see Ryan Reynolds as he’s meant to be seen.’

Reynolds was quick with his response, initially replying to the video with a tweet saying, ‘Good god, McElhenney’, before crafting an ominous message of his own, referring to his pal’s birthday next year.

‘Thx @RMcElhenney. Expect my formal response on April 14th, 2023, Mr. Co-Chairman.’, Reynolds wrote in a quote tweet.

The two relatively new co-owners of the Welsh team have seen great success in their time in charge of the club, with Wrexham finishing second in the National League last season and coming runners-up to Bromley in the FA Trophy Finals. 

The FX docuseries ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ has also brought the team support from across the pond as the Red Dragons attempt to climb back into the EFL for the first time since the 2007-08 season.

Under McElhenney (in white) and Reynolds (in green), Wrexham have seen a great rise in popularity and success as the Red Dragons try to return to the English Football League

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