Roy Keane ‘didn’t warm’ to Wayne Rooney and once ‘told him where to go’

Roy Keane says he never really warmed to some of his younger teammates at Manchester United, including Wayne Rooney.

The combative midfielder enjoyed a rampantly successful career at Old Trafford, winning seven Premier League titles and the Champions League during his 12 year stay.

He captained the side for eight seasons before being unceremoniously booted out of the club by Sir Alex Ferguson following an infamous rant about his colleagues on MUTV in 2005.

Keane wasn't the type to suffer fools gladly, and admitted that he didn't really click with Rooney when the teenager arrived from Everton in 2004.

As one story goes, Keane was watching a rugby match at United's training ground, but Rooney changed it over to X-Factor and hid the remote when the Irishman left the room briefly.

"We certainly didn’t have an argument, let me tell you," Keane told Sky Sports’ The Football Show.

"I like my rugby league and yeah, someone did change the channel and I wasn’t happy.

"But we didn’t have an argument about it. I came down for breakfast the next day and Wayne said 'Did you find the control?'

"So I told him where to go. If that’s an argument, God help us. I certainly didn’t respect Wayne because he stood up to me and wanted to watch the X-Factor.

"I had a lot of respect for Wayne because I thought he was a brilliant player.

"I wouldn’t say I warmed to the guy, I certainly didn’t dislike him. But the lad’s on a different wavelength, different banter and if hiding the control was his type of banter then… not for me."

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Keane left the club in December 2005 after slamming his teammates in the wake of their 4-1 defeat to Middlesbrough.

It wasn't quite the fitting end his stellar career at United had warranted, but the 50-year-old insists it was the right time for him to move on.

"Near the end I remember thinking I don’t get some of the boys. I don't get their banter or humour. I rarely had a conversation with anyone," he admitted.

“When I left there were a lot of players I didn't miss. The game was changing and maybe I was a bit grumpy, a bit old school.

"I didn’t get Wayne or Rio [Ferdinand], I didn’t get their banter or what they stood for sometimes. It was probably a personal thing.

"The game was changing and I had changed with it but towards the end at United with the players coming through I didn’t always get them.

"Personality-wise they were not for me. Obviously they were very good players and I was delighted to play with them but in terms of banter or having a cup of coffee with them? No forget it."

Though if Keane's relationship with Sky Sports colleague Micah Richards is anything to go by, we reckon he's mellowed out a bit in recent years.

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