Roy Keane names two teams for Premier League relegation – but can’t choose third

Roy Keane has named two teams he thinks will be relegated from the Premier League, but struggled to decide on a third.

While there is an intense battle near the top of the table, there is also a huge scrap going on at the bottom.

Six points separates Manchester City in first and Chelsea in third – there's a gap of only seven points between the bottom six sides, though.

With the quality in the league improving year-on-year, the fight to stay up is becoming harder and harder.

And Keane believes the competition is at an all-time high, making predicting the end of the season incredibly tough.

Speaking on his Sky Bet series with Micah Richards, Keane said: "I think the Premier League is the toughest it’s ever been."

"You think?" Richards questioned.

"Oh yeah," Keane responded. "There’s no doubt in my mind it’s the toughest league."

Richards then asked: "Who do you think goes down? This is tough isn’t it."

Keane claimed: "This is tougher than what the talk of the top [is] and people talk about pressure at the top, I’ve been there as player with Forest, I got relegated with Nottingham Forest.

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"And do you know what Micah, they’re the things you remember when you retire. Forget the trophies.

"The three to go down, let’s go for it. I tell ya, I’m gonna go Norwich."

"I agree with that," Richards said.

Keane added: "And I’m gonna say Newcastle."

"Southampton. Southampton. Southampton mate," Richards repeatedly suggested as Keane mulled over a third.

"But they’re a moody team, they can win two or three at home then lose six or seven," Keane argued.

Richards protested: "I’m not sure mate. Selling [Danny] Ings mate."

"Yeah you’re right Micah," Keane agreed. "I’m gonna say between Southampton, Watford, even Burnley. Burnley’s points total."

Richards replied: "Nah, Burnley will be alright."

Keane hit back: "But do you know what, Burnley can be one of them teams where because they’ve got out of it before, you automatically think they’ll get out of it, and they don’t."

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