Ryan Reynolds teases Wrexham name change as he and Rob McElhenney spark panic

What can Wrexham expect in League Two?

Things are changing quickly at Wrexham these days, but have Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney gone too far this time? The north Wales club are currently riding the crest of a wave after winning promotion back to the Football League for the first time in 15 years – and their owners briefly sparked panic on social media on Thursday afternoon.

With all eyes on the traditional working-class club after their Hollywood actor owners invested £10million into the project, hopes are high of another tilt at promotion next season as they look to climb towards the Premier League like Luton Town.

A number of commercial changes have already been implemented, including a first-ever sponsorship deal for Wrexham’s Racecourse stadium with an American cold coffee brand. And Reynolds and McElhenney had another major announcement to make on Thursday.

Deadpool actor Reynolds stoked the fire on social media by posting an image on Twitter with a ‘Wrexham United’ logo on it. Written above the image was a massage from Reynolds saying: “Yes this is happening.”

The tweet has been re-tweeted by co-owner McElhenney who added: “Change is in the air.” The social media exchange quickly gathered traction on Twitter, with over half a million views recorded in the first 30 minutes.

The tweet created a range of responses from across the globe, including an element of panic from worried supporters fearing a name change for the club. @WrexhamCanada wrote: “Wait… What?!” while @WrexhamFan3 added: “Sometimes cryptic is fun, and sometimes it’s not. Please tell us more, thanks!”

An alarmed @pixiewoowoo enquired: “Wrexham what now?” as @welshinema wrote: “Glory, glory, Wrexham United, and the red dragons go flying on, on, on!”

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Some followers of Reynolds and McElhenney and supporters of the club suggested that Wrexham may be about to do some sort of partnership deal with United Airlines – and that proved exactly the case come 2pm. The club announced that their 2023-24 shirt would primarily feature the company’s sponsor. ‘United’ is written across the front of the new jersey.

The Red Dragons are also due to face Manchester United on a pre-season tour of the US next month, leading to an alternative suggestion before the announcement that the tweet could be in some way related to the July 26 event at the Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego.

Wrexham will hope their latest commercial deal can help to increase the club’s competitiveness in the Football League as they look to have a real go of it in League Two.

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