Sean Dyche fines Burnley players if they don't bring in cakes

Have your cake and eat it! Dwight McNeil reveals Sean Dyche fines Burnley players if they DON’T bring sweet treats for team-mates when celebrating their birthday

  • Sean Dyche wants his players celebrating their birthdays to bring cakes for team
  • Burnley boss has jokingly threatened to fine those who don’t comply
  • Clarets winger Dwight McNeil delivered brownies to his team-mates this week
  • England U21 international shares his manager’s passion for sweet treats 

Sweet-toothed Burnley boss Sean Dyche has threatened to fine his players if they DON’T eat cake.

The Clarets host Tottenham, where new head coach Antonio Conte has imposed a strict nutrition regime to banish fizzy drinks and ketchup from the training ground.

Turf Moor chief Dyche has gone the other way by hitting his players in the pocket if they fail to make it a proper bun-fight for the squad when they celebrate their birthday.

Sean Dyche reportedly fines his players if they don’t bring in cakes for their birthdays

Dwight McNeil turned 22 this week, and the winger made sure to stay on the manager’s good side by stopping-off at the local bakery on the way to training to stock up on some tasty treats.

The England Under-21 international revealed: ‘We have our sports scientists who are always on to us about our diet, and we get weighed every day and do body fat levels all the time so we’re on top of that side of things.

‘The only time that changes is when it’s someone’s birthday. If you don’t bring cakes in for the rest of the lads when it’s your birthday then you get fined.

Spurs manager Antonio Conte has banished fizzy drinks and ketchup from the training ground

‘I brought in some different types of brownies this week from a bakery that’s not too far away. It’s good for players to have a treat when it’s a special occasion, as long as the time is right.’

Like Dyche, McNeil is a huge Marvel Comics fan – and marked his special day with a giant Spiderman cake from his family. 

He added: ‘My missus got me a ring, and also because I’m big into my Marvel, she got me a massive Spiderman cake.

Burnley winger Dwight McNeil treated his teammates to cakes after turning 22 this week

‘I didn’t eat too much of it, I left that to my little sister, she had a lot! To be honest, I feel a bit old now. I liked being 21 because you’re still young. The lads tell me it’s all downhill now, that’s when I’ll start feeling things!’

Cakes aren’t the only guilty pleasure McNeil enjoys from time to time, and he added: 

‘My missus goes on about how I can be bad with Coca-Cola.

‘Out of season when I’m on holiday that’s what I’ll have because I’m not really big on alcohol. I’ve never been a heavy drinker, it’s never really appealed to me, I’d rather have a can of Coca-Cola.’

The England U21 international shares his manager’s passion for sweets and Marvel comics

McNeil has gone more than eight months and 23 games since last finding the net, but it’s a drought possibly explained by his lofty standing of fifth in Premier League tackle-charts – highlighting his work off the ball in a run that’s seen the Clarets beaten just once in their last seven league outings.

He added: ‘I get stick from the lads for not scoring more, especially from James Tarkowski nearly every day as he’s scored more than me from defence this season.

‘I just try to put myself in the best position for the team as I learn more about the game and hopefully become a more complete player. I want to show I can do both sides of the game.’

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