Sean Dyche once gave team talk in back of a taxi with Danny Dyer ‘off his nut’

Sean Dyche has recalled the bizarre and hilarious moment he delivered an off-the-cuff team talk in the back of a cab alongside Danny Dyer, who was “off his nut” at the time.

While appearing as a guest on talkSPORT’s Monday morning breakfast show, the Burnley manager was asked a question by actor and presenter Dyer.

“Morning Sean, Danny Dyer here,” the Eastenders star said in a pre-recorded message.

“We once had a random journey in the back of a cab. Can you remember what I asked you to do? Because I can’t, because I was off me nut! Toodle pip!”

Dyche then confirmed the story was 100 per cent true before explaining how it played out.

“It’s a true story, it was a static cab I must say,” he said.

“At a mutual friend’s wedding they had a static cab. You went in the back and did a video for the bride and groom.

“Danny and the fella who’s wedding it was, they asked me to do a team talk. So I did a team talk in the back of a cab in someone’s garden to a video screen.

“I believe the bride and groom have still got the video and have a laugh about it.

“And yes, he was off of his nut, without a shadow of a doubt!“

However, Dyche and Dyer were not the only famous faces in the back of the static cab.

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  • talkSPORT host Laura Woods then asked: “Wasn’t Serge from Kasabian in the back of that taxi as well?”

    Dyche replied: “He certainly was!”

    He then added: “That’s a random event in my life.

    “You know that feeling when you wake up the next morning and you go ‘did that actually happen? Was that a real event in my life?’

    “Trust me, I wasn’t sure if that really happened, sitting in the back of a cab with Serge and Danny Dyer doing a team talk to a video screen.

    “So that was a random moment in my life.”

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