Sir Alex Ferguson’s furious rant at reporter resurfaces over Man Utd injury tale

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Sir Alex Ferguson's furious rant at a reporter has resurfaced on social media as he let loose over a story about Ryan Giggs.

Legendary Manchester United manager Ferguson was known to be something of a hot head, especially when it came to handling the media.

So it was no surprise when the Scot came face to face with the man who reported that Giggs was out for the season in the 1998/99 campaign, which did not turn out to be the case.

The former Wales winger did indeed only play 20 Premier League matches that season as he struggled with hamstring problems, but started both the Champions League and FA Cup finals as United claimed a famous treble.

As Giggs continued to struggle with injuries, which he admits almost forced him to retire in 2001, a clearly tetchy Ferguson did not take kindly to reports about his key players.

“You know that f****** Giggs is out for the season?” he questioned a reporter.

Who replied: “I understood that to be the case.”

“You understood… You f****** asked me that?” Fergie went on.

“Well to be fair, I can’t always get hold of you,” Lawton responded.

“Well you can f****** try if you’re going to write s**** like that,” a more and more irate Ferguson spat.

“F****** anymore of you… (gesturing to the rest of the press). F****** done here, alright. Just f****** get hold of someone else.

“The f****** rubbish you’re writing…”

The reporter wrote of the incident on Twitter: “Pretty sure this was an altercation with me, I’m guessing during the treble season when Giggs was struggling with his hamstrings.

“Had a few moments like this. Some worse. Quite the education for a young reporter but a fascinating time to cover him and his team.”

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