Six Premier League clubs 'to ask Perez to DISSOLVE company behind ESL'

Six Premier League clubs involved in European Super League ‘preparing to ask Florentino Perez to DISSOLVE company behind launch of the disastrous breakaway league’ in what would be a hammer blow to slim hopes of reviving much-maligned project

  • English clubs will reportedly ask Florentino Perez to dissolve firm behind ESL 
  • All six Premier League sides withdrew from the project 48 hours after its launch 
  • Barcelona, Juventus and Madrid are desperately clinging onto the scheme
  • However, reports suggest the English sides will move to dissolve a company 

The English clubs involved in the disastrous European Super League are reportedly planning to ask Florentino Perez to dissolve the company formed to launch the £3.5bn scheme.

Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs all withdrew from the controversial breakaway league 48 hours after it was announced in April following vociferous backlash from fans, pundits and the UK Government.

Italian duo AC Milan and Inter later withdrew from the project, alongside Spanish champions Atletico Madrid, leaving just Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in support of the plot.

The six English clubs involved in the ESL will ask Florentino Perez to dissolve firm behind it

Owners of United, Arsenal and Liverpool are understood to have been driving forces behind the ESL, with Madrid president Florentino Perez, who acted as president of the league that threatened the existence of the UEFA Champions League.

Despite the withdrawal of nine of the 12 teams, ESPN reports that the company created to launch the ESL still exists.

And the six Premier League clubs that had initially opted to participate in the European Super League will ask Perez to dissolve that company, although doing so is complex legally and far from a straightforward process.

Premier League clubs withdrew from the breakaway league 48 hours after its launch in April

And ESPN say all six clubs are planning to ask Perez to dissolve the firm created for its launch

Should the six former rebel clubs succeed in dissolving the company, it would serve as a hammer blow to the three clubs desperately clinging onto hopes of reviving the project. 

Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli remains determined to revamp European football, despite the huge opposition to the notion of radically changing the current status quo.

He said: ‘For years I have tried to change European competitions from the inside, because the signs of crisis were evident even before the pandemic. 

‘The Super League is not a coup, but a desperate cry of alarm for a system that, knowingly or not, is heading towards insolvency.

The process is understood to be far from straightforward with many legal complexities

Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli is determined to engineer change in European football

‘The agreement between the founders was conditional on UEFA’s prior recognition of the competition. The response was deafening, with offensive terms and arrogant methods, and then it turned to three clubs.

‘It is not with this type of behaviour that football is reformed in the face of this crisis. Fortunately, I know not everyone in UEFA feels the same way. The desire for dialogue, however, remains unchanged.

‘Other sports have faced changes of this type, and almost all stakeholders agree that the model needs to be changed.

‘Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are determined to achieve a complete reform of the competitions, and above all, in the interest of the clubs that show us fear for this situation.’

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