Souness tells Grealish he has no 'vendetta' against him – or Pogba

‘Don’t be so precious! Modern players don’t take criticism very well’: Graeme Souness tells Jack Grealish he has no ‘vendetta’ against him – or Paul Pogba – after he hit back at his criticism… and says he wants a night out with him!

  • Graeme Souness claimed Jack Grealish has not improved at Manchester City
  • The England international hit back, protesting ‘I don’t know what his problem is’
  • Sportsmail columnist Souness insists he has no ‘vendetta’ against ‘anyone at all’
  • The pundit believes he would get on well with Grealish if he met the 27-year-old

Graeme Souness has told Jack Grealish to stop being ‘precious’ and insists that he ‘doesn’t have a problem with anyone’ after the England international hit out at the Sportsmail columnist. 

After Souness claimed that Grealish was ‘not a quick learner’ and had not improved since his £100million move to Manchester City from Aston Villa last year, the forward responded: ‘I don’t know what his problem is with me. He always says stuff about me. 

‘I try not to read a lot of it. It is difficult when he’s on Sky Sports and it’s everywhere around the training ground at times. He was obviously a great player and won a lot but I don’t know what it is with what he says about me or what problem he’s got.’ 

Sportsmail columnist Graeme Souness insists that he ‘doesn’t have a problem with anyone’

Appearing on talkSPORT, Souness continued the war of words but declared that he would probably get on well with Grealish if he met the 27-year-old. 

The pundit also commented on criticism he has received in the past for being too harsh on former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.  

‘I don’t have a problem with him, I don’t have a problem with anyone,’ Souness said. I don’t have a problem with Jack at all. I think Jack is a good player, technically he’s fantastic. I don’t believe we can be critical of the modern player. 

‘When I was having a go at Paul Pogba, it was because it was Man United and I think I was the first one to call Pogba out as being an average player in our league. I think I was proved 100 per cent right at the end of the day. 

Jack Grealish hit out at Souness after the pundit criticised his displays for Manchester City

Souness also responded to criticism he has received for describing Paul Pogba as ‘average’

‘I’m sure if I met Jack, I’d really like Jack. I think he’s a cheeky chappy. I’d like to have a night out at with him as well! But I just think the modern player doesn’t take criticism very well. I think Jack, you’ll listen to who you want to listen to. 

‘I’m on talkSPORT with you guys, which I’m loving. I have a column with the Daily Mail, in which I get a chance to express my opinion and I’m on Sky. I’ve had over 50 years in the game, I think I’m entitled to an opinion. 

‘I just feel… don’t be so precious! I don’t have a vendetta against anyone at all. It’s my opinion at this time on Jack Grealish. Really Jack doesn’t have to listen to me, he doesn’t have to listen to anyone. The only opinion that counts for Jack Grealish should be the manager’s.’

Grealish scored his first goal of the season against Wolves last weekend after only managing to net three times in the Premier League in his debut campaign as a City player  

Souness expanded on his criticism of Grealish’s playing style as he believes that the forward holds onto the ball for too long. 

Souness praised Grealish’s dribbling ability but believes he holds on to the ball for too long

‘He’s got dribbling ability that very few people have and that kind of ability gets you on the edge of your seat. But you’ve got to deliver at the end of it. It’s not just about dribbling past one, two and then giving it away when you try to take on the third one.  

‘If you’re in a team of 11 and you’ve got two strikers, the other nine are just carriers. They are there to serve the two guys who play up front, they are the ones who get the goals, who get points in the bag and who win you the games. 

‘Everybody else in the team is there to serve them. The best way to serve them is to get them the ball as quickly and accurately as you possibly can. Don’t dwell on it unnecessarily, don’t be clever when you don’t need to be. That’s the game of football in a nutshell. 

I cannot believe any coach anywhere will tell their players to hold onto the ball for as long as they can. Anywhere, any time in the history of the professional game. The best pass in football is the first time pass.’

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