Steve McManaman and Peter Crouch slam Liverpool's role in Super League

Liverpool has been ‘a city full of anger and resentment’ over club’s role in European Super League plot, admits Steve McManaman… as Peter Crouch blasts owners FSG’s ‘absolutely scandalous’ breakaway plan

  • Steve McManaman and Peter Crouch have slammed the Liverpool owners
  • The BT pundits believe the European Super League plot has damaged the club
  • Liverpool players were among the most outspoken against the breakaway plans
  • McManaman insisted city is now full of resentment towards owner John Henry 

Steve McManaman believes the negative impact of Liverpool’s role in the proposed European Super League has swept across the city.

The backlash has been widespread since those involved were forced to ditch the breakaway plans, with significant protests seen from Chelsea and Arsenal fans while Liverpool’s owner John W Henry released an apology video.

Speaking ahead of his former side’s clash with Newcastle, McManaman insisted the ill-feeling felt by Liverpool fans will not be healed by any apologies.

Steve McManaman believes Liverpool is a city full of anger over the Super League proposals

John W Henry was forced to release an apology video due to backlash from Liverpool fans

‘It’s been a city full of anger, full of resentment,’ McManaman said on BT Sport.

‘They want to support the team. They understand the resentment and anger is directed at one person. 

‘There’s still a lot of resentment towards everything that’s gone on. It’s shameful. We’ve had enough people throw stones at this great club and this great city in the past. 

‘It’s another rod to hit us with. It brings you down, doesn’t it? You’re forever fighting to save your reputation.’

James Milner publicly revealed his opposition to the plans after Liverpool’s match with Leeds, while many members of the Reds’ squad including captain Jordan Henderson echoed his views on social media – ‘we don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen’ was the shared message.

James Milner publicly criticised the plans and revealed he didn’t want the league to go ahead

Peter Crouch joined his fellow pundit McManaman in condemning those involved in the proposals, criticising the owners for failing to take on board the views of fans and significant figures at the respective clubs.

‘It was absolutely scandalous what these people have done in a dark corner,’ Crouch said.

‘They haven’t consulted any supporter groups. They can’t have picked up the phone and said to Kenny Dalglish, ‘what do you think about this idea?’

‘We have tribalism in this country. Six teams in this country, three of them haven’t won the European Cup, how are they deciding they should be in some sort of group together?’

Peter Crouch was also critical of the breakaway plans and criticised the actions of the owners

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