Thomas Tuchel explains why he doesn’t want to sign Luis Suarez at Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel admits he tried to sign Luis Suarez for Paris St-Germain – but insists he won’t be trying to bring him to Chelsea.

The Blues face an Atletico Madrid side in the Champions League on Tuesday led by Suarez, who is the top scorer in La Liga this season with 16 goals.

The Uruguay star has history with Chelsea after infamously biting Branislav Ivanovic in a 2-2 draw at Anfield in 2013 when he was still at Liverpool.

But the string of controversies that have dogged his career did not stop Tuchel trying to sign him when the German was still PSG boss in September.

Tuchel said: “There was a possibility. Who could not be interested to sign one of the best strikers in world football, in history and in the present?

“We tried our luck we did not make it, he chose to stay in Spain, and again he proves his quality.”

Suarez has actually yet to score in the Champions League this season and is goalless in his last three league games.

But Tuchel said: “He is a natural born striker, he has the mentality that only strikers have to show his will, his intensity, his anger, and to score and score and score.

“He is never satisfied. What a mentality. What a player. I’m not involved in this history with Chelsea, it’s never a good thing to look too far behind.”

PSG were on a list of clubs Barcelona told Suarez he was not allowed to join when he was forced out.

No-one thought to add Atletico – and it has come back to bite the Catalans, who are now trailing in the Madrid side’s wake.

But Tuchel insists he will not waste any time thinking about trying to sign Suarez, who is now 34, for Chelsea any time soon.

Tuchel said: “He would have maybe benefited our squad in Paris. Now things are different. I did not spend one second thinking about it. I think he’s under contract.

“It’s not worth thinking about it. And the possibility is not hight that we will not think about it.”

Chelsea skipper Cesar Azpilicueta actually played in that infamous game eight years ago when Suarez made headlines for biting Ivanovic.

The Blues defender said: “The best way to defend him is to keep him as far away from the goal as possible! He is a great striker, we know his numbers.”

Suarez has been a perfect fit with Atletico, who have a similar reputation as spiky, confrontational wind-up merchants.

Tuchel said: “It’s clear when you play Atletico what you get – you get hard fighting. This is for sure a big test physically and mentally.

“This is exactly what we want. Hopefully it will bring out the best in us. We will play our way and they will play their way.”

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