United fan Tyson Fury critcises Solskjaer's side after defeat to City

Manchester United fan Tyson Fury says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side suffered ‘a worse beating than Deontay Wilder took in all of his fights against me’ as they were outclassed by Manchester City

  • Tyson Fury criticised Manchester United after they lost 2-0 to Manchester City
  • Fury says United suffered more than Deontay Wilder did in his fight against him 
  • The boxer accused Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team of lacking a winning mentality
  • Fury joked that he and Patrice Evra will pay a visit to the United training ground 

Tyson Fury has claimed that Manchester United’s defeat to Manchester City saw them take a worse beating than Deontay Wilder suffered against him.

United were beaten 2-0 by City at Old Trafford, with Eric Bailly scoring an own goal before Bernardo Silva inflicted further damage.

Fury compared City’s dominance to his fights against Wilder, which saw The Gypsy King prevail on two occasions, most recently last month, with the other bout ending in a draw. 

Tyson Fury crticised Manchester United following their 2-0 defeat against Manchester City

Fury stressed that the United players do not have the same winning mentality that he does

Speaking on Instagram, Fury said: ‘After today’s defeat from City for Manchester CIty, it’s fair to say that United are taking a worse beating than Deontay Wilder took in all of his fights versus me.

‘We’re absolutely getting smashed out there, and I think partly it’s because the players – no disrespect to any of you – it doesn’t seem to me like you’re digging deep to try and win these games.

‘It seems to me that you’re happy to get through them and whatever happens, happens.’

United have lacked consistency this season and have already suffered four defeats in the league.

Fury says United suffered a worse beating than the one he dished out to Deontay Wilder

Fury was livid with United’s performance against City and claimed that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side do not possess the same winning mentality that he has in the ring.

The 33-year-old retained his WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles by overcoming Wilder in Nevada. Fury bounced back from being knocked down but feels that United aren’t capable of doing the same.

He said: ‘When I fought Wilder and I was on the floor, and any other man I’ve ever fought, I never ever believed I was going to lose the fight. I always believed I’d come back and win.

‘That’s called a winner’s mentality, and that’s something in the last few games that you guys have just not had.’

The Gypsy King is frustrated with how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team have been performing

Fury joked that he and ex-defender Patrice Evra will pay a visit to the club’s training ground

Fury then joked that he and former United defender Patrice Evra will pay a visit to United’s training ground in order to get the players into shape. 

Fury said: ‘I think me and Patrice Evra are going to come down to training and give you some of that (he showed his fist) and give you you the hard word you need. See you all soon, be prepared.’ 

United’s defeat to City will raise further questions regarding Solskjaer’s future, with the Norwegian struggling to get the best out of his players.

Despite the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, United are finding it difficult to perform as a cohesive unit and they were certainly no match for City, who outclassed them. 

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