Video shows how Pele was the ‘most violently tackled footballer of all-time’

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    A video on YouTube of Pele getting absolutely chopped down on a regular basis has resurfaced – showing what the footballing legend had to deal with on the pitch.

    The Brazilian legend, who has been called the greatest player of all time, tragically lost his life on Thursday after battling colon cancer. His daughter Kely Nascimento announced his death in a heartbreaking post on social media.

    Many have argued that Pele is the best player ever while he is the only man to have three World Cups. And he did not do it the easy way, regularly getting hacked down by defenders who could not keep up with his mesmeric skill.

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    Back during his playing days, players were able to get away with a lot more than what they can do now with referees often letting some shocking challenges go unpunished. It meant that an utter genius like Pele was commonly targeted.

    A video has come to light, titled ' Pele – The most violently fouled player in football history ', showing some of the worst tackles that the Brazil icon suffered across his career.

    Even though he had to deal with borderline assault on a weekly basis, it did little to stop him from dominating matches.

    He is credited with scoring 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances – a world record – during a 21-year career as well as scoring 77 times for his country in 92 matches.

    He won the World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970 – making his international debut at the age of 16.

    On Pele's Twitter account, a post read: "Inspiration and love marked the journey of King Pele, who peacefully passed away today. Love, love and love, forever."

    The Brazilian Football Confederation said: "Pele was much more than the greatest sportsperson of all time.

    "Our king of football was the greatest exponent of a victorious Brazil, who was never afraid when faced with difficulty. He promised his father a World Cup and he presented us with three. The King gave us a new Brazil and we are so thankful for his legacy. Thank you, Pele."

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