Wayne Rooney accepted shirt swap from rival player for ‘doing him a favour’

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney once accepted a shirt swap from David Wheater after the Middlesbrough defender 'did him a favour on the pitch'.

Rooney caught Wheater with an elbow towards the end of a Premier League clash between the twos sides.

But rather than fall over and sell the injury to try and buy a red card, Wheater remained on his feet.

Rooney had already been on the scoresheet for United, who were cruising at 4-1 up with Carlos Tevez and Nani grabbing the other three.

And Wheater has revealed he bagged Rooney's shirt as a result of the elbow.

Speaking to the Under the Cosh podcast, Wheater said: "I just loved getting top players shirts, [Gareth] Southgate told me off for that once because I got [Didier] Drogba's shirt."

He then added when asked if he ever stood next to players towards the end of a game: "You know one time I did do that.

"And Rooney's absolutely smashed me in the face, and if I'd have gone down he'd have got a red card.

"But I've just stood there and straightened my nose, and I said 'for that elbow can I have your shirt' and he was like 'yeah yeah'."

Before adding: "I think we lost 4-1."

Wheater told all on the podcast, including one bizarre story where he revealed his special talent, which left Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard wide-eyed in amazement.

The former footballer claimed he could make his willy disappear, and after receiving an England call-up he decided to show off his trick in the showers.

“I showed the lads like Gerrard and [Peter] Crouch in the showers, then afterwards I’m thinking well again ‘what am I doing here’."

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