Wayne Rooney backs down over claims he 'wanted to hurt someone'

Wayne Rooney backs down over claims he ‘wanted to hurt someone’ while playing for Manchester United against Chelsea and insists ‘it was just a feeling’ after the FA asked him for clarification

  • Wayne Rooney has scaled back comments saying he ‘wanted to hurt someone’
  • He said he wore longer studs when playing for Man United against Chelsea  
  • The Derby boss has clarified it was ‘just a feeling’ and not a pre-meditation  
  • The FA contacted the Manchester United legend after words in an interview  

Wayne Rooney has rowed back on his claim he ‘wanted to hurt someone’ playing for Manchester United against Chelsea – insisting it was just a ‘feeling’ rather than an actual pre-meditated attack.

The FA contacted the Derby boss this week following his controversial comments in an interview promoting his new Amazon Prime documentary.

But Rooney – whose club have received a huge boost in their hunt for new owners after resolving a £40million claim made against them by Middlesbrough – has sought to clarify his remarks in a bid to avoid FA action.

Wayne Rooney has scaled back his comments that he ‘wanted to hurt someone’ as a player 

He said he wore longer studs before facing Chelsea with United and went in hard on John Terry

Speaking about a 2006 match at Chelsea earlier this week, Rooney had said: ‘I always wore the old plastic studs with the metal tip. For that game I changed them to big, long metal ones because I wanted to try and hurt someone, try and injure someone.

‘The studs were legal but thinking if there’s a challenge there I knew I’d want to go in for it properly. I did actually. John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I left a hole in his foot.’

The FA asked Rooney for his observations and he responded to them on Thursday. Asked for an update on the FA enquiry on Friday, the Rams manager revealed: ‘I have given my response to the FA as asked and I will wait for what comes back from that.

‘What I said to the FA is private, but I’m sure if you look at how I’ve said things, you will have an idea.

But Rooney has now claimed it was ‘just a feeling’ and not a pre-meditated attack after being contacted by the FA to clarify the comments

Despite the pain at the time, Terry laughed off the incident in a message to Rooney on Twitter

‘I’ve been very open about my state of mind (on the documentary). That was a feeling. I didn’t go onto the pitch and say, “Right, I’m going to hurt and injure someone”, that was a feeling I had.

‘Obviously I had a tackle with John Terry, which was a good honest 50-50 tackle between two players. No issues.’

Rooney was speaking ahead of Saturday’s Championship clash with Middlesbrough, which comes 24 hours after a resolution was struck between the clubs over a long-standing dispute that had become a major barrier in crisis-hit Derby’s attempts to find a buyer.

Boro chairman Steve Gibson launched legal proceedings against the Rams in May 2019, claiming their rival’s financial breaches cost them a play-off place in 2018-19. But Derby announced in a statement yesterday that club owner Mel Morris had reached an ‘accord’ with Gibson.

Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson has reached a legal agreement with Derby owner Mel Morris over claims he cost his club the chance of promotion because of financial rule breaches

Rooney said it was ‘good news’ for Derby and allows them to move forward as the financially stricken club looks for a new owner

Rooney said: ‘That has been the main stumbling block in this club moving forward. For that to be resolved, it’s good news for us.

‘Hopefully now the preferred bidders who have been in contact with the club can come in and move forward as quickly as possible.

‘Everyone knows I’ve been pushing and pushing about getting new owners in and this is a big step for us to allow that to happen.’

Rooney also said he would have no problem shaking hands with Gibson today at the Riverside, where the atmosphere is expected to still be hostile. He added: ‘Do I agree with what has been going on? No. But I will show him respect of shaking his hand.’

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