Wayne Rooney once took speakers away from Utd stars Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard

Wayne Rooney once took a speaker away from Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard – who were enjoying the music and dancing – the morning after a defeat at Carrington.

The trio only spent one season together at the Red Devils, the 2016/17 campaign, and Manchester United slumped to sixth in the Premier League.

United, who were then overseen by Jose Mourinho, were frustrated as they failed in their bid to capture Champions League football, and the majority of their last title-winning side had been phased out.

And the new generation of players had a different dressing-room etiquette from the senior Rooney.

"I do remember one time, coming into training at United the day after a defeat, still feeling very annoyed and walking into the dressing room with Michael Carrick," he wrote in The Times.

"We found Jesse and Paul dancing in there with the music on. I went over, turned it off and took the speakers out of the dressing room — because that’s my mindset, that’s how I’ve grown up in football.

"Paul and Jesse accepted it, because I was the senior player, but in hindsight they were not doing anything wrong, not hurting anyone, and it was just my old-school mentality kicking in.

"As Rio Ferdinand has said, players of our generation just have to get used to this generation and what has changed."

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Rooney left the Red Devils in the summer of 2017, and he moved back to boyhood side Everton – who he had left for United in 2004.

Upon completing the transfer he remarked he could finally come clean about sleeping in Everton PJs during his United days.

The United legend retired in early 2021, and he is currently at the helm of Derby County.

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