West Ham fan photobombs Sky Sports’ live broadcast with F-word Spurs kit

While celebrating West Ham's incredible Europa Conference League win, one Hammers fan decided to take aim at Tottenham Hotspur with an f-word message shirt seen on Sky Sports.

David Moyes and co. secured their European title in dramatic fashion on Wednesday evening, with Jarrod Bowen's late winner helping West Ham past Fiorentina 2-1 in Prague.

Since then, West Ham supporters have been riding the crest of a wave, with celebrations culminating in a huge victory parade through London.

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However, one fan decided that whilst he was celebrating with other West Ham fans, he would use it as an opportunity to take a shot at Tottenham.

Instead of a 'Rice No.41' on the back of his shirt, the fan had the imaginative message 'I fcukin eight spurs."

And in hilarious fashion, the unaware fan strolled directly into Sky Sports' live broadcast of the Hammers celebrations in London.

Whilst Sky Sports' Gary Cotterill was reporting back to the studio, the camera, which was trained on the huge queue of West Ham supporters, saw the fan walk directly into shot.

After a few seconds, the slightly bemused fan turned around to see he was directly in line with the camera, opting to take a photo whilst he moved out of frame.

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And of course, the hilarious incident was enjoyed by fans who caught the event in real time, with plenty of Arsenal supporters siding with the f-word message from the West Ham fan.

One Arsenal fan wrote: "You know what, West Ham are alright."

Another fan on social media added: "Great positioning."

A third said: "Don't we all!"

A fourth commented: "Don't we all!"

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